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Butterchurn preset package for winamp?

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  • Butterchurn preset package for winamp?

    I hope this question has not been asked before but I am wondering if anybody knows if there is a preset collection download of all the presets used in the Butterchurn browser implementation of Milkdrop?

    I found the GitHub presets package but the file format is .json not .milk so I was wondering if there was a download package compatible with the Winamp implementation of Milkdrop.
    I am not a coder or anything but I doubt that the .json files will be compatible unless I am mistaken and somebody can correct me on that?

    Again sorry if this is a duplicate question, I did use this forums search feature and found only one result for the search terms Butterchurn presets and it was unrelated.

    Thank you.

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    Sorry meant to post this in the presets section.


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      I managed to contact the a dev over at the github and he mentioned that presets on the site were from a collection called


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        I managed to contact the a dev of butterchurn on github and he mention that he used the collection from Geisswerks website.


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          There's a bit more going now. Jordan told me about his migration of a massive backlog of original *.milk file presets that were uploaded to

          Now WebAmp also supports linking to those resources and you can navigate from directly to a locked visualizer. The presets were run once through a converter program and the automatically generated source code is rather not human readable anymore. But in principle, you can author a pretty JSON conformant preset, put it up on a CORS-allowing host, and try it out in WebAmp.
          Jordan also showed me one version with the converter compiled into the Javascript client that could handle dropping original milk files on the visualizer with a crosscompilation of the shaders and scripts on the fly.
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