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MilkDrop - Audio/Beat detection

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  • MilkDrop - Audio/Beat detection


    Is there a way to fine tune or change this?

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    Maybe you should be a LITTLE more specific.


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      I think that i am seeing the problem.

      I have a creative sound blaster z in 5.1 surround. So for example bass detection seems to be almost 0.

      So is this a creative driver thing i wonder?


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        Unlikely. But I remember a bug in winamp which caused no beat detection. This has been fixed, search the forum if you think that is your problem.

        Attached a test preset showing the bass,mid and treb volume. What do you see ?
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          Thanks for that, that said where am i looking?

          which file am i looking as i cannot find these settings?

          i have the 5.8 Beta of windamp and 2.25c version of milkdrop.


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            That version should be ok. Now please tell us what EXACTLY your problem is.


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              thanks for the help, the issue is what i said it was. Beat detection seems to be random or limited. Bass in particular seems to not be getting picked up.


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                Ok, so after doing some reading and getting your test file active, it working fine. I think, for me, it is some of the visualizations that maybe need some fine tuning.

                Thanks for the help


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                  Yes, that is how it should look so your system is ok. Some visuals just react better to the beat, others less, but there are no central esttings to adjust it. You would have to edit each .milk file separately... press M to get started


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                    Martin, you may have inadvertently solved an issue I was having with beat detection! After many wasted hours of tweaking, specifically with Jasper's line in plugin (as often recommended for line-in use cases, though I wonder now if that is bad advice), I was disappointed to see that a fresh stock install often seemed to react better...
                    Then I noticed something strange; if I open a line-in via Jasper's plugin, with only silence, this preset reacts as so:

                    (vs. the completely flat line at the bottom as you'd expect, as when using the standard line-in)


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                      Hi hatecubed
                      Winamp automatically adjusts the level of bass, mid and treb to an average of, I believe, 0.65. This is necessary because audio sources may be very different in volume, and the beat detection would either not work (with a low audio signal) or freak out (with a high signal).

                      If your input signal is very small signal or zero, bass, mid and treb will still be amplified to reach a level of 0.65 on average. That seems to be your issue, so what you see is just highly amplified noise, not an audio signal.

                      The amplification control takes a few seconds. You may observe this: If your input works as it should and you play music, you should see its bass, mid and treb; then if you turn the music off, you should see a flat line which after a while will slowly grow into the noise as in your video, due to the internal amplification revving up.


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                        Hi Martin. 8 months later and I was able to log in here once again
                        As usual, you are correct. Directly comparing the two does leave me with a curiosity - in that Jasper's line:// shows the flat line for a couple of seconds, whereas the in-built linein:// 'skips' that couple of seconds and the resulting output is instantly as pictured in the .gif I posted before.

                        A curiosity, but surely a non-issue in any case. Thanks for the info!