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NestDrop - Milkdrop for VJ's

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  • NestDrop - Milkdrop for VJ's

    For the last 6 months I've been working with a friend to turn Milkdrop into a tool for VJ-ing. We are proud of the result and excited to share it with you.

    NestDrop outputs high-resolution high-fps visuals which react in realtime to the music. Also Spout is supported, so you can link the visuals into your favorite mapping software. Since the Milkdrop engine is at the core you can easily import your own Milkdrop presets. Use any audio source to drive the visuals, even live audio.

    On February 22 NestDrop will be released.
    More info -
    Get F#&%ING WILD and take your performances to a whole new level.NestDrop output high-resolution high-fps visuals which react in realtime to the music and br...

    Key Features
    • Up to 4 video decks with Spout at the same time
    • High rez output: 4k @ 60fps
    • Live preview and static thumbnails of presets
    • Auto-change presets based on beat detection
    • Search for presets by name
    • Easily map your own hotkeys
    • Mark your favorites with 5 colors of stars
    • Create multiple queue windows
    • Includes curated library of 1900 presets

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    Nestdrop has been launched!


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      We have continued working on NestDrop and just released a new version with even more options for performing live. Here is a video tutorial showing the special features of NestDrop Midnight Edition.

      New Features
      • Intuitive MIDI controller support
      • Easy Line In/Out audio source selection
      • Spout Sprites input feature
      • Video Decks Mixing
      • Custom Notes on Presets
      • Direct fullscreen output to projectors or monitors

      Looking forward to seeing your performances!


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        Something noteworthy for this community: The Spout Sprites feature has extended Milkdrop beyond its original design. Sprites have always been a feature built into Milkdrop, but we tweaked it so that a Spout video stream can playback within a Sprite. This enables all sorts of wild possibilities such as mixing together different preset visuals, nesting the visuals within the actual drawing process, importing external Spout video streams, and creating feedback loops. Here is a tutorial I created which explores some of these possibilities.
        0:10 - Crossfading between two Decks 1:46 - What is a sprite? 3:14 - Sprite FX examples 5:27 - Spout Sprites 10:25 - Edit the FX 11:23 - Resolume visuals into NestDrop 14:30…

        We also set up a Reddit community dedicated to NestDrop.


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          Nestdrop is amazing. Highly, highly recommend. It is everything I always wished Milkdrop to be.


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            V23 of NestDrop has been released!

            Below is a summary of the updates. Read the full details in the changelog. Also the user manual is up to date.

            New Features
            • See the incoming audio at a glance. Added an audio spectrum preview into the Library window toolbar.
            • Collapse each of the category sections of the Library window.
            • Experience Milkdrop in 3D with anaglyph glasses. Added support for anaglyph 3D.
            • Added an always-on-top button onto the Queue and Settings windows.
            • NestDrop can ease between any values when the Deck effects sliders are moved.
            • Map a MIDI knob to control the Sprite FX.

            Changes & Fixes
            • Two unique sliders, instead of just one: Frame Rate and Animation Speed.
            • NestDrop will recognize a video feedback loop and provide more accuracy when using the Spout Sprite Alpha slider. Feedback loops were very delicate to control and this helps to tame it.
            • Rewrote how the Spout Sprite buttons were implemented. Fixed an issue with Spout Sprite buttons not being visible after loading a user profile.
            • Added a lock button to the “Number of Active Decks” slider so that it can be protected from an accidental click while performing.
            • If a Video Deck is disabled then those Deck sliders will also be hidden.
            • Select whether the auto-change uses an instant trigger or volume peak trigger.