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MilkDrop2 52k Presets

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  • radio_antares
    Sorry this is so late in replying to your post... I recently downloaded this same package of presets from the Internet Archive.

    This is not a collection I compiled, but I downloaded it from a publicly shared distribution originally. It includes over 52,000 presets developed by the...

    All of the *.mil files and all of the *.dat files are just preset files with the incorrect extension. Many of them are duplicates of files with the correct extension. They can safely be renamed with the *.milk extension.

    I ran all of these thru a checksum and found that, after removing all pure duplicates, the collection is about 44k presets. I have attached a zipped text file that shows all of the duplicate files for a given checksum.

    Also there are lots of cases where two files have very slight differences, but appear to be functionally and perceptibly the same preset. I came across many cases of files with names such as...

    Author - Name.milk
    Author - Name_1.milk

    Author1, Author2 - Name.milk
    Author1 + Author2 - Name.milk
    Author1 & Author2 - Name.milk

    I did some file compares of a few examples of these cases when the checksums did not match, and found that there was often one attribute with a different value or a comment on one file that was not in the other, while everything else was the same.

    It would be nice to clean these up further and come up with a consistent naming format, but that's a lot of work... and likely futile as most folks who collect there would still download the collections with the differing formats...

    Hope this helps a little!
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  • _xiper
    started a topic MilkDrop2 52k Presets

    MilkDrop2 52k Presets

    Thanks to I don't know who created it but someone made a torrent with 52k carefully curated MilkDrop presets. The collective size is 560Mb, and I was wondering:

    1. Whether or not it's viable to copy all of them into the folder with regards to memory (i.e., does Winamp load them all into RAM)
    2. Whether or not renaming all the .milk files to conform to a numerical order will have any impact on
    3. Are .mil and .milk files the same? Within this collection, there are both these kinds of files, and the latter outnumbering the former; wonder if the mil is a typo

    Thanks in advance!