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from which point a new preset can be called "created" and not just "edited" ?

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  • from which point a new preset can be called "created" and not just "edited" ?

    Hi there (my location is Austria, sorry for eventually bad english).

    I am new to this forum, but not new to milkdrop. I have been using milkdrop for many years, some time ago I discovered the possibility of editing presets and combining them to new creations.
    Another of my tech based hobbies is creating music tunes with LMMS (freeware DAW program). Two years ago I began to combine LMMS music with milkrdrop visuals into videos, just for use in the private area.
    A recently added MIDI-keyboard resulted in increased fun and (imo) improved quality. So I decided to upload my 3 latest videos on YouTube. Aside from taking the chance to present them here within the milkdrop community, I have one concrete question:
    My "self made" presets are all made by combinations of function-modules taken from existing presets. Then a lot of parameters are edited and finetuned. Often this process is repeated several times until the result appears to me as unique. In the end not even I myself can find out exactly on which "official" presets the new thing is based.
    Now, since I started uploading, I am not sure from which point a preset can be called "created" and not just "edited" (affects the description in the YT-channel). So I would be interested in some opinions about the "originality" of my effects.
    As a sidenote: I would never share a .milk file and call it "my creation" cause it is full of source code which was not written by me. But from a video this source code cannot be reengineered cause it is not there, so (imo) it is all about the visual impression.

    Finally, it is very good to see that there is still a living community and milkdrop has not been fully replaced by derivates like projectM. Keep up the good work !

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    only to make the list complete - my latest contribution:


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      I made some changes in the visuals of the video linked above, which resulted in a new
      YT upload, so the above link is outdated. Because I found no way to edit or delete an obsolete
      posting, I had to write a new one with the working link:


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        Hi MWav
        Nobody knows all all >50000 presets out in the wild and nobody can tell how "original" a preset really is, or from which point it may be called "created". These look quite interesting and catchy to me, certainly not like "I have seen this a thousand times before". I do, however, recognise my own shader code where you use it, but don't care, it has already been used in countless mashups and mashups of mashups, with my name gotten lost in the process.

        This is all a community thing, and what matters is that you can get some fun and relax out of it. To me, making presets is much more immersive than watching them, but not everyone has the skills, and many others would just download and enjoy. Therefore you should consider sharing your presets rather than just providing a youtube link.



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          Hi, martin

          Thank you for your kind and detailed response. Indeed a great amount of presets in my personal collection (from which I took the components for my presets) has been made by you. The fact that you can recognize parts of your work (without taking a look at the code) is quite informative for me. As for sharing my presets (there are some more), I will first have to test if any of them will satisfy in normal "live mode" cause I usually adjusted them to react fine with one special music tune (with a video in mind).

          Best regards, MWav


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            The latest one:



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              The new (short) YT-channel URL: