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Help me find my old favorite visualization?

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  • Help me find my old favorite visualization?

    Last night I used Winamp for the first time in many, MANY years. I forgot how much I like it! Now I'm trying to find an old favorite visualization that I'm pretty sure was included with Milkdrop. I don't remember much about it, but do know that it was a large orb or planet, and had a smaller rotating orb or satellite around it. I was also able to edit it (rotoblitter and other setting?). I know I'm being pretty vague but it's all I can recall. Does it sound familiar to anyone?

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    The preset I'm looking for might actually be an AVS one, not Milkdrop. I started checking each preset listed under Milkdrop and didn't find the one I remembered, then decided to check the AVS folder. "pulsating sh!t" looks very familiar, and after making some edits starts looking more and more like the one I remember.