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Odd desktop behavior: GF2 MX, HW blit

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  • Odd desktop behavior: GF2 MX, HW blit

    I'm using a Geforce 2 MX card, with the current Nvidia drivers (the 21.81 release), in 1600x1200x32 bit color.

    I'm quite enjoying Milkdrop in desktop mode. However, since I use that nice big huge desktop, I can't really spare the CPU to run it in non-hardware blit mode. Running it in hardware blit mode speeds it up impressively; however, it also introduces the following odd behaviors:

    1) The palette is restricted mostly to medium to bright greens, with a smattering of bright cyan now and then.

    2) There seems to be some sort of vertical (!) interlacing going on. Every-other-line vertically is a solid color, though which color it is subject to change (I think).

    3) Very likely related to 2) above, Milkdrop renders as if the center of the screen was actually on the right-hand-side. As if my screen were actually 3200x1200, and I could only see the left half. The song title is centered on the middle-right of the screen, and effects that should be centered are way off to the right. And I cannot see at all the preset or FPS text (shown by F4 and F5 respectively).

    Switching to 16-bit color fixes 2) and 3), and as per 1) it changes the bright cyan for bright magenta. Playing with the RGB/YUV etc checkboxes doesn't change anything.

    As much as I'm enjoying Milkdrop, I would enjoy it more if it used real colors...



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    Oops, this should have been posted in the Troubleshooting area. I'll repost it over there. My bad!