Hi all,

These are the MilkDrop forums the new all singing, all dancing vis plug-in for Winamp from (now) Nullsoft's legendary vis programmer - Ryan Geiss. His website:

But goto www.milkdrop.co.uk for the latest versions. Currently at 1.03. (The winamp site is normally about 1 month out of date.)

All fully configurable you can design all your own presets like AVS. Come and join our friendly community.

First download the all the rest of the presets. Goto www.milkdrop.co.uk

1,900 + at the moment.

Add comments to this board to say hi and what you think of MilkDrop (MD for short)

Feature requests, Tech Support and of course your presets. Post to the relevant forums.

Don't be a stranger and above all enjoy watching your music!