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WebGL Port - MilkDrop Presets in Your Browser

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  • Flexi
    Man, why didn't i notice this thread before!? I'm actually working on some portations to WebGL too and your post just made my day. Only a few minutes ago i saw the blog post by @inear on the latest release of his PhiloGL that is featuring a new clean and easy API for shader based post processing. I came here to announce that finding and then i have first noticed you sharing your awesome work. The thing is, i have bought a powerful Macbook and i was looking for a Milkdrop replacement anyway.
    In case you've missed it, some of my early WebGL experiments are also to find on Chromeexperiments and creative JS. Also, i have made the 7th place in Mozillalabs Demoparty. Too bad that i didn't see your post here earlier.
    This evening i had planned to try out PhiloGL and port another preset to Javascript but now i will surely give your milkshake a go!
    Anyway, the true fun is at Twitter where I'm also known as @Flexi23. Let's promote the awesomeness!

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  • mattgattis
    started a topic WebGL Port - MilkDrop Presets in Your Browser

    WebGL Port - MilkDrop Presets in Your Browser

    I've got a WebGL port of projectM up and running. It works on the latest Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Still a long ways from finished, but you can see a working demo of it here:

    The code is here:

    If anyone wants to help out let me know!