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Found a few bugs in the latest Milkdrop (2.24?)

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  • Found a few bugs in the latest Milkdrop (2.24?)

    When you press the F5, F4, and a few of those display keys, they no longer show the information of the said functions. They show it for a second maybe and go away. Its completely intermittent. Also, MD, for just a few presets that used to work, gives me the "error compiling ps2_0 shader, too many arguments" thing even though I have a Directx11 card. Could just be my drivers for both but just wanted to let you guys know.
    I am using a Nvidia 570GTX with the 285.79 driver. Thanks for all the hard work and awesome visualizer. After 10+ years, it's still the best. Simply incredible

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    To overcome the "too many arguments" problem, press M during runtime and then select "upgrade preset's pixel shader version". Confirm, and don't forget to save.
    The problem is related to presets which just utilised the 64 instructions allowed in shader model 1; a different compiler may generate 65 instructions instead. Shader 2 allows for 512 instructions, which solves this problem.


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      ok cool. is it a capital M? ill play around with it. what about the other problems? are these issues of my beta drivers or are they new bugs brought on by the new milkdrop?


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        Just press m, you'll see.
        I don't know about the other issues, I have no problems with F4 and F5, but then, I'm still running XP, and I did not install the latest milkdrop version. Should try it out perhaps.


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          I have no problems with f4 and f5 either. Wish I had known about the thing to fix the broken presets cause I deleted them.

          I dont suppose you remember which ones had the issue ? I'd like to redownlaod and fix them.


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            No I don't know, and on reading this again I am not sure whether my answer was correct ... the problem with the 64 instructions would throw a "too many arithmetic instruction slots" error rather than "too many arguments".
            I seem to remember there was a discussion about this rather long time ago on this forum, ans someone made a script to automatically fix the problem. Not sure though.