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  • Preset with Still Image

    Hi everyone,

    i'm new to visualisation.
    I'm am a musician and want some background on the screen.
    I decided, that milkdrop will be the one that fits most.
    I use the LineIn to get a realtime reaction.
    I will set up a folder with the presets i want to use, put them in the rigth order and rename them to 1, 2, 3 and so on.
    So i can start them one after the other in the right order by easily klicking the space-key.
    But now i search for a way to display still images like pictures or jpgs with lyrics.
    How can i build a preset, that will only show a full screen still image?
    Help me please, cause on the 19th of january i have to be ready with the music and the lightshow including milkdrop with still images.

    Thanks a lot.


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    still images

    The attached .milk selects a random image in the directory, and scales it to the screen. All code required is in the comp shader section. Refer to the milkdrop authoring guide (milkdrop_preset_authoring.html) to learn how to load specific images and how to scale them.
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