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Looking for Webspace for a Preset "Update Server"

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  • Looking for Webspace for a Preset "Update Server"

    I have created a Java Web Updater For Milkdrop Presets:

    It can handle http urls and FTP urls including login
    (currently for Download http is used, and for upload ftp)

    it is not finished yet, but I would like to do it even though I currently dont use
    Milkdrop, but I like to Contribute

    the only thing is that I don't have webspace to host the milkdrop files, and maybe somebody of you would provide some webspace. By the way what has happened to
    (down?) otherwise I would try to contact the owner.... - Youtube Radio (buy me) - Contact Music & More

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    Can't find my old account info, so I made a new account.

    Last update I see is from 2009. Not sure if Rovastar is still active.
    The domain registration expires this year. I have a mailing address if you would like to try and contact the registered owner that way send me a PM. Otherwise, I could potentially purchase the domain, and then point it to a server (can also get server space fairly cheap depending on needs).


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      ive got a decent (and massively underused) webserver, would love to help you out
      pm me for details if you like?
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        Thank you really, but I found a place at a Server of a friend of mine,
        and started to create a site for presets

        currently I'm building up the wordpress site, and want to enable the FTP upload
        in my Java updater
        therefore I have created a php class for

        -> importing presets/textures into mysql db
        -> create new zip file from these.
        -> generate update.xml from these data (For the java updater)

        I need to implement the generate upgrade.xml

        -> the ftp server is already running, and valid preset authors could get a
        login for contributing presets.

        Any help is very appreciated
        Kind regards Raver - Youtube Radio (buy me) - Contact Music & More


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          hey there, when this board finally closes, the forum will be migrated to and kept alive by some volunteering alumnis.

          I haven't made any new presets since quite a while but maybe, at some point, we could set up a webservice for autoupdates or so. The thing is, i have more or less completely switched to OpenGL and the GL shader language, but i have a basic Milkdrop-like render pipeline in the making. After all I'm also switching back from direct JavaScript/WebGL coding to Java for compiling to multiple platforms, including Desktop, WebGL-enabled browsers, and smartphones (Android and iPhone). LibGDX Hurrah! I might also just end up creating experimental art games.
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