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Milkdrop 2 now supported by Nvidia 3D vision 2

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  • Milkdrop 2 now supported by Nvidia 3D vision 2

    I downloaded the latest beta Nvidia driver, and when I ran Winamp and started Milkdrop, I noticed my monitor went into 3D mode. So I put on my Nvidia glasses, turned them on, and was surprised to see Milkdrop actually running in 3D!

    There isn't a LOT of depth and some presets look glitchy (background visuals sometimes appear infront of foreground visuals, but a lot of presets still look really good.

    I guess the latest Nvidia driver with my current settings takes any DirectX program and tries to force 3D on it to the best of its ability.

    I'm sure it would look a lot better if Milkdrop used 3D meshes, but this is way better than nothing. Try it out!

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    Whaaaat? I assume this is for monitors with proprietary glasses only, right? I am looking for a side-by-side/SBS version for 3D TVs.