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Milkdrop 2.25c compile issues

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  • Milkdrop 2.25c compile issues

    Hi all - not sure how many people still use this forum; seems like lots of new options are out there for music and graphics. Winamp and milkdrop are still my favorite combo for music-ing.

    the short version - does anyone have some detailed advice they can offer for compiling the 2.25c source code in Visual Studio (Community 2015) for windows 7 64 bit. I don't really need it to be a 64 bit compile; that's just where I am OS-wise. Or the DirectX11 code would be even better.

    I wanted to update my event dispatcher mod of milkdrop. Before, I had it compiling under XP 32 bit. Since then, I am using Windows 7 64bit. Out-of-the box, I couldn't get the source code to compile in Visual Studio (Community 2015). There were tons of deprecation warnings and a few fatal errors - they seemed to be mostly about the older ways of handling "large integers" and bring them to 64 bit - or insure they stayed 32 as needed, and one bad parameter count. Anyway, I made what seemed to be necessary fixes and it compiles - however when I launch the plugin in winamp it crashes before doing anything noticeable. Would love to 'borrow' anyone's vcproj files if they have them for Studio 2015. Also, I downloaded the DirectX11 milkdrop and it runs great in Winamp; it compiles to .lib from the source code but when I compile to .dll something bad happens.

    Thanks ahead of time... hello... is there anybody out there?

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    After much fiddling around, I finally got MilkDrop to compile in newer versions of Visual Studio. However, Winamp would crash when attempting to start the plugin. After attaching a debugger I saw the exception was in msvcr110.dll. Rather than reverse engineer that whole deal, I just took the advice on and compiled it in Visual Studio Express 2008. I can confirm the resulting dll works with Winamp.

    I did have to change a couple of things after opening the solution in Visual Studio Express 2008.
    • Right click the project -> Properties -> Configuration Properties -> C/C++ -> General -> Additional Include Directories. I changed this to be
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)\Include

    • After a build attempt, it will complain about afxres.h in plugin.rc. Change this to be WinResrc.h.
    • It then complained about IDC_STATIC. So I added
      #ifndef IDC_STATIC
      #define IDC_STATIC -1

      in there, right below // Dialog.

    Hope this helps!


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      Hello there I was wondering if you made any progress in your fiddling. I tried to get this working in VS 2017 but also with only about 5100 errors. Admittedly I'm not sharp with c++ anyway but I was hoping to find a way to load a preset in similar fashion to the way custom messages are loaded. For example, you would have a milk2_preset.ini file which has this:


      name=Aderrasi - Airhandler (Principle of Sharing)

      name=fiShbRaiN - crystal glasses

      name=Flexi - braggadocio

      then you would need a way to refresh/re-read this file and the keyboard events to launch the preset i.e. "P01", "P02" etc.

      This way you could have 99 different presets accessible via keyboard. I could probably hack this together if I can get VS to build although it wouldn't be pretty.


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        I should clarify that I'm on Windows 10 and I get errors installing the DirectX SDK. When I compile I seem to be missing files such as stdlib.h so I may just not be fully setup yet.


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          Dickchuck I caught up to you. I'm at the same place now where I can compile without errors however Winamp crashes instantly when it's launched.

          Were you able to solve that problem?


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            I can compile with VS2017 but not every preset work.. some of them just gets a blinking color on all screen..


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              are your crashes related to ucrtbase.dll ? I had to replace a lot of functions which relied on C_LOCALE or something


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                Hello, I will take a look at the milkdrop code and see what is required for appveyor continuous integration. However, I would recommend that you investigate projectM, because that is where the active developers, including myself, are collaborating to add new features to the Milkdrop evolution (I am currently trying to get the projectM Windows store app to support 3DTVs with stereoscopic rendering, but this feature requires more collaborators and testers. If you want to join in the effort, you can download it for Xbox or PC from Microsoft for free: and the open-source development community of projectM is available on Github :

                I will gladly walk anyone through the process to get the development environment setup on their local machine, and I hope to find some collaboration between the projectM community and the Winamp & Shoutcast Forums ecosystem. Any thoughts or questions?


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                  Will it work in Winamp or WACUP ?
                  Milkdrop still gets updates and new presets for the WACUP project, so would projectM be better than using the real thing that does actually have active development ?
                  Would it be better for DrO to swap projects, and why ?
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