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Synchro app for MDC files created!

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  • Synchro app for MDC files created!

    Not sure how many are interested in this, but I finally got finished with my syncronizing app to help create/edit mdc files. I call it MDC Synchro.

    The latest MDC Milkrop build (v 2.41) is included with some examples. Now there is support for *.mdc files in a central location OR each along side the song it complements.

    The Synchro app also serves as launching point for editing all Milkdrop2-Winamp related *.ini files. There is some automation for assigning images to sprites. A 'new' feature is the creation of [patterns##] that contain the init_ and code_ scripts for sprite behavior. Now you can create a pattern and automatically assign it to any sprite. Then, the new 'name' field inside sprites can be used to determine which behavior was assigned - or just to identify sprites when several have the same image. Another feature is the sprite code accessible read only variable 'fillrat'. If you set sx and sy scalers to 'fillrat', you find that the image is just big enough to fill the screen - to scale - even if the long dimension is clipped. This makes fitting images that don't match the screen ratio to fill the screen easy: I could never do it before without massive tweaking and would change for each size window!

    So... enjoy. Any feedback would be welcome. Now, I need a way to extract embedded lyrics or pull from other database formats to get them into my *.mdc style files.

    BTW - I can't seem to actually post the zip file with the app in it. I broke it into smaller pieces (2 x 6MB) each but can't load either. It does contain dll and exe files - is that why I can't upload? Anyway, message me if you want to try it out - meanwhile I'll try to learn how to stick it in the forum.
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    MDC Milkdrop in action

    Here's a link to the Winamp playback, recorded.

    Karaoke created with MDC Milkdrop plugin for Winamp.


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      good work! If you can get Dro to see your post maybe he can help you with your Upload issues.


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        Another MDC example

        This is a link to a (crude) video capture of a presentation I like to display on the 4th before we get down with our music synch-ed fireworks show. Just to exhibit what you can do with MDC Milkdrop2 - it's not JUST for Karaoke!


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          Synchro on Jumpshare

          I put the Synchro and examples on Jumpshare.

          Not sure if you need an account; but it is free...


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            Made some Tweaks...

            Did all the original work on a traditional 1.25:1 ratio screen.

            Found some Karaoke parts overlapped on a more modern 1.8:1 ratio (1920:1080) screen.

            This link to a recompile that uses the screen better, or shrinks Karaoke fonts in a jam.


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              Wow - this is amazing work.