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New default simple wave form in MilkDrop

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  • New default simple wave form in MilkDrop

    Hey guys,

    I'm adding more default simple waveform in MilkDrop.

    I added 5 already if you want to have a look :

    waveform 0-7 are the default ones.
    waveform 8 is from the original source code, it was just not enable, I think it's pretty cool.
    I made number 9,10,11,12.

    If anyone would like to create some new ones, I'm sure some people here can do much better

    code from 0-8:

    it start at line 2801, search for "switch(wave)"

    code from 9-12:
    new waves.txt

    BeatDrop2077 is easy to recompile. Or you can try writing new waveform directly here if you can, I'll include them in a future build

  • #2
    I'm trying to display 3 waves simultaneously (like waveform 7 or 10 and 11 have 2 waves)
    but so far it didn't work. if anyone have an idea how to do that?
    when I display a 3rd wave it overwrite the second one..

    I would like to do a triangle waveform moving around the screen