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forcing pixel shader 4.0 to all the presets. good or bad idea?

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  • serge000
    Ok thanks, I do not have an amd card so I'll leave it.
    it's kinda tricky too for the old presets specially,
    if I force everything to pixel shader 4.0,
    MilkDrop will not load the legacy menu (if PSVERSION_COMP=0) with the old options like SOLARIZE or INVERT and will not apply them.

    funny thing is I manage to create an hybrid mode displaying old fake shaders on top of the new ones
    Click image for larger version

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  • Nitorami
    PS4 notoriously causes problems with AMD video cards, therefore I avoided it like the plague in my presets. I guess the problem is not with AMD but rather with the implementation of PS4 in milkdrop. If you force it, you should fix the associated milkdrop code at the same time, otherwise you'll get black screen on AMD cards.

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  • serge000
    basically I want to completely skip the reading of the 3 lines in the presets:
    and give a fixed value of 4 when starting MilkDrop,

    and clean in the source code all the :
    case MD2_PS_NONE:
    case MD2_PS_2_0:
    case MD2_PS_2_X:
    case MD2_PS_3_0:

    that happen a few times for example when starting MilkDrop or when the RecompilePShader function is called
    (so things should be a fraction of a second faster, and no more 512 slots limit)

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  • forcing pixel shader 4.0 to all the presets. good or bad idea?

    I want to change the code of milkdrop to use pixel shader 4.0 for everything.

    the 2 main advantage will be :

    -remove the 512 max instruction slots limit
    -clean some +20 years old code, milkdrop is still using some 'FALLBACK shaders' for early 2000 graphics card like Radeon 90 and GeForce FX 52...

    the only problem is see is that some extremely old graphics card will not be compatible (but that's not really a problem to me, any cheap card from 2003+ support pixel shader 4.0).

    Am I right? Am I missing something? Thanks