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Slowing it all down?

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  • Slowing it all down?

    I would really like to slow down the visualizations. They all move so fast it's not really enjoyable. All that flickering and jumping and flashy waveyness is kind of irritating on anything other than Trance stations.

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    No simple way to do that. You either start programming yourself, or you select those presets matching your taste. There are actually quite a lot of slow ones.


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      you can lower the framerate too, but then it is more of a slideshow.
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        Are there other products that do this? We're looking to use it in an art display. I'd like to use Winamp but if it can't be simply slowed down then I'd need to find another product that isn't designed purely for dance music.


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          Well I personally don't know, but Milkdrop presets are just made to react to music. What would remain of this if you slow it down ???? If you just want something like a boring aquarium screensaver, go for it.