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Autoclose Milkdrop after Full screen mode

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  • Autoclose Milkdrop after Full screen mode

    Hello everybody,

    I have done a research with keywords "Milkdrop Autoclose Escape" but I found nothing so I am explaining to you my problem.

    When I listen mp3 with Winamp (which have 3 windows : Main Window, Equalizer, Playlist) and I will launch Milkdrop, I press keys [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[K] to play Milkdrop in full-screen.

    When I will exit full-screen mode : I press on [Escape] to come back to Windows's desktop but a new window "Milkdrop" ALWAYS appear (with milkdrop running inside)

    What is the way to exit Milkdrop full-screen mode to come back at Winamp WITHOUT having new window "Milkdrop" in Winamp (but only : Main Window, Equalizer, Playlist)

    Thank you in advance for your answer and excuse my poor english level


    Configuration :
    Winamp : 5.581 (x86)
    Milkdrop : 2.21

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    I have the exact same problem/question . . . It's been a while since I installed Winamp/Milkdrop & I noticed that now when you hit ESC to exit full screen milkdrop, it returns to a window.

    Previously when you would exit fullscreen MilkDrop by hitting ESC, it would close the visualization completely. Now it remains in a window.

    I vaguely remember struggling with this before and finding a strange setting somewhere.

    Anybody have any ideas??