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a jump to preset menu and search function

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  • a jump to preset menu and search function

    the preset list has grown too large for the basic L key's page by page scrolling and limitation of only allowing you to brows by the first letter in the preset's name

    i suggest adding a jump to preset button that will display presets based on full or partial matches to a sting that the user enters.
    for example if i entered "test" this is what would show up

    acid test.milk
    voltage tester.milk
    etc etc

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    I'd kill for this feature


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      a Simple File association would work too that way you could search in windows and load the preset by double clicking.

      the current system wouldn't be so bad if artists formatted the presetnames with the actual preset name first followed by the artists.


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        I came to the winamp forums trying to figure out how to search through visualizations in winamp by typing in a string.

        Is there any way too see a full list at least of the visualizations that you can then select from to start one?


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          Press F1 for help
          which tells you to press L for a list of presets

          As to the preset names - the naming convention (starting with the author's name) has been defined ten years ago and I don't think it will be changed just to facilitate browsing in a directory containing 40.000+ presets. Better think about splitting them into different directories or maybe delete a few

          This forum is for sharing links to MilkDrop presets you've made or found. If you're authoring your own presets, please be sure to read the "Quality Assurance" section of the readme file before distributing your presets.


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            +1, I want this so bad. I got 31k presets, even going to my main folder causes winamp to hang for a few minutes while it counts and sorts