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    Ok, this one is a big ask but I hope it's (easily) possible.

    Request: Add an option so that when a user is running MilkDrop in full screen mode on a second monitor, a small (and/or re-sizable) window is also displayed showing a copy of whatever is displayed on the second monitor.

    Something similar to this is achievable already using Windows 7; Run MilkDrop in window mode on Windows 7. Make sure that the task bar preview is enabled (I forget with exact option it is, AeroPeek maybe? - Most machines will already this enabled), then move your mouse over the Winamp icon in the'll see an exact (and fluid) copy of the MilkDrop window. Unfortunately this preview stops working as soon as you go full screen, it also disappears as soon as you move your mouse away.

    I'd imagine this feature would mainly be useful to users using the VJ VJ. It'd be personally helpful to me as I don't face the output monitor when I'm using MilkDrop.


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    Thanks you for sharing
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