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  • How to Save a Visualization


    I know I can you Fraps or some other similar apps, but is there a way to save the visualizations for later viewing (in a DVD, for instance) directly from WinAmp?

    Last, but not least, congrats. MildDrop is wonderful!!!!!



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    I'll never understand why anybody would like to kill a live visualisation by burning it to DVD ?!?


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      You understand it fine, you just don't LIKE it. It's like someone who hates to see you eat a leftover meal they cooked up without reheating it, because they feel like you're ruining all their hard work. My mother used to get all worked up when my brother or I did that, and we didn't understand why; now my brother's turning into a chef and understands the feeling. Thing is, if there's no microwave around (i.e. a running computer by your DVD/bluray player), most people would rather eat visualizations cold than starve.

      You guys don't realize how far you could get as a team in the stock art market if you just put some minimal effort into rendering indefinitely-high quality imagery to video rather than assuming everyone in the world has a high-processor computer with a major operating system installed in or lying next to their TV/screen/projector/iFoo/etc... People pay hundreds, even thousands of $$$ (and I don't mean Perl prompts) for the types of effects Milkdrop does for free. Winamp visualizations are like fireflies you can't catch, especially to people who aren't tech-savvy.

      It's almost like you're trying too hard, like you're building android bodies out of gold then installing AOL instant messaging bots for brains to tell people what the weather is. There are a BILLION scenarios in which people would love to listen to their favorite music presynched well to visual effects rather than this choppy guesswork, never mind the people who don't even care if a song is playing and just want some great visuals to work with creatively.


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        Metaphor for martin. Let's say you take all the special effects out of your latest in-theater 3D sci-fi or superhero movie. No CGI or graphic rendering, no effects team ever hired, half the movie published with green screens, concept sketches, and the stick figure previews the motion capture cameras generated while filming the movement actors. The only way to see the effects is to aim your mobile phone camera at the movie screen if you happen to have one and managed to download a decent 3rd party fan app during the previews, that attempts to render all the footage into 3D polygons in real-time, induce where the explosions, space ships, and fully animated creatures are supposed to be located, then display them with the least lag and maximum video/audio quality allowed by the phone's processor speed, memory, camera resolution, screen size, microphone, speaker phone, and the effectiveness and accuracy of the app's algorithms.

        The DVD throws in the bonus feature of clicking on the actual special effects they didn't render for the theatrical release because no one could imagine a moviegoer who'd want to be denied the live experience.


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          sergio, the auestion is not compatible with the way winamp works... you can save video on dvd, you cant play winamp on dvd because winamp cant be executed in a dvd; it needs a pc lol

          you can save preset pack; and you can save each preset you play and the playlist and play back the same visualisation after::: just save the preset to file called 1 2 3 etc and play them in order: otherwise video


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            I also need to record (save) a video file, not for dvd but just as video file to put, for example, in animated background on youtube video.. it is possible to do that?


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              Use a screen capture utility, save it out as .mkv (or whatever your preference), at least, that's what I've done, works pretty well. If you want to go further with it, put it in a video editor, overlay lyrics or add still images in some frames (altho syncing the music's kind of a pain when you do that). I like it because I can have the player on half the screen, capture a small rectangle, and change visualisations at key points in the music, makes for nice YT vids. I'm not sure what all's available in that department for windows, I'm on linux, so I'm using projectM & clementine for visuals/player, Simple Screen Recorder & kdenlive for the video. ISTR Vlc does screen capture tho I've never used it for that, but I think you have to capture the whole screen, which makes editing a nightmare, just my 2ยข


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                Here's a video (of mine) that should put down that Milkdrop isn't fit for recorded works. I just spent a day/eon poring over 1745 presets trying to put together the most updated sets (w/o following your day-to-day progress), and that would work best with my own music. After all this, one preset stood out that synched radically well with one of my newer songs. Watching the video, you can actually imagine that the visuals were designed frame-by-frame to fit the song (allowing for a certain lyrical interpretation, e.g., as I finish saying "god of thunder", you can imagine the white flashes were consciously inserted to denote lightning).

                Parkour and freerunning were the foundation for the lyrics, but I also designed them to be versatile; the word "run" can mean run a program, or run as in politics. That versatility cloaks the accidentals between my song and what the Milkdrop viz is haphazardly pulling out of it (if that sounded smart). The viz is "martin - witchcraft reloaded", though I've credited Martin and fiShbRaiN in the title, as Martin (or Nitorami; see 2nd message in this thread) explained how foundational fiShbRaiN's "witchcraft" was for other visualizations (after which I started to see this, noticing the +fiShbRaiN in the titles, etc).

                I think I've really tapped Milkdrop here rather than killed it (?)...