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  • Midi control for milkdrop

    Hi there, loving milkdrop to the max, best visualization I've ever seen. Got a whopping 46331 presets at the moment. Going to be using as a live visualizer in the band, and I was thinking what would be fantastic is if you could select presets by way of midi program change messages, as all our music is sequenced it would open up another world. Excuse my ignorance if this is already possible. Check out

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    This is a great idea. Kind of links with Milkdrop VST plugin idea in other thread. Also particular midi inputs could alter specific mathematic equations inside code, that would be more fantastic than just Milkdrop interpreting overall audio from sound


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      We are currently implementing MIDI into NestDrop! The feature is in beta currently. But you'll be able to map a MIDI pad to a specific preset.