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FXAA Shader-driven Anti-Aliasing

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  • FXAA Shader-driven Anti-Aliasing

    It's an AA implementation through shaders, so that shaders AND edges are anti-aliased and makes many new games look more smooth. It would be groovy to be able to have the implementation in new mildrop versions, or even just multisampling

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    Agreed this would be useful but I fear there won't be any new milkdrop versions.


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      yeah I can sense that too. Im really intrigued by the guy who did the directcompute/dx11 rewrite though. Maybe there is some promise there, but i doubt the guy would just give up the code, as he things its too messy and stuff. ah well, MD2 is still the best, but there is still so much more potential for cool fractal stuff if we were able to use real geometry and other things. sigh... looking at the "math and cool programs" thread makes me all excited for some cool music-driven trippy visuals. I just installed plane9 and it's meh. Looks a bit like milkdrop in the best cases, and others it just looks uninspired. Plus the beat detection isnt very good for most of the presets. If only there were a perfect solution... I guess MD2 is the best we can hope for


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        this is such sad and lame news im gutted
        i REALLY hope someone lets the MD2 source out, but if that other guy managed projectM from the MD1 source, surely its possible with Java/JS & Opengl/ES/WebGL?

        Whats this directcompute/dx11 rewrite you speak of?
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          Hi Shadow
          haven't seen makasin here in ages but I guess what he refers to is that someone managed to clone MD2... I don't remember his name and cannot find the thread but it seemed to work. He published a few videos on youtube.

          But you seem to have missed out Ryan's message - MD2 IS open source now. I guess AOL had already decided to discontinue winamp when they took this step.

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