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    I own all the SoundSpectrum products, and Milkdrop's most direct product compete is G-FORCE IMHO. However, it's not much of a competition. Milkdrop is, frankly, far superior in all respects except one seriously critical area: dynamic control of the presets. Is there any plan to create a GUI control bar that can quickly let someone adjust a preset's parameters and then re-read the file for immediate display?

    Just an FYI: I also saw a statement somewhere saying that not enough people know about Milkdrop. IMHO the reason for this is the product is too technical for the average Joe to actually dig in and use. I realize this is open source, and it's amazing freeware. But just some feedback from someone who is not all that technical (I'm a marketing creature by day). This product is more stable than GFORCE and more amazing. If some way could be found to dumb it down for the common man, I'd see no reason it couldn't blow GFORCE out of the water from a marketing perspective. That control bar would be a huge step. In fact, that alone would put it over the top of GFORCE in my opinion. Especially if it could be made modal to float off to a second monitor while Milkdrop does its thing on the other monitor / projector. To me, that would make all the different in the world. If the control bar has to float within the Mildrop visualization itself, then its a buzz kill.

    I saw this thing here, but don't know if this developer ever got any traction with it:

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    There is no control of milkdrop other than by the music itself, plus there is not much development going on. And MD2 it is NOT open source, only the old version is, but it is really obsolete and has no shader support.

    I disagree on your point that it is too technical. I cannot really imagine how it could be made even simpler, in my view the programming is already far too simplified, in some areas down to "tick the box" options, which makes it easy to use but also severely restricts flexibility.

    External control: If you search the forum, you'll find a few attempts to feed external info into MD via some sort of script. Amandio C made a script which as you propose continually restarts a given preset to pass on mouse coordinates or other control parameters. But I found it not really practical, and only useable with simple presets with no complex initialisation sequence. I seem to remember other attempts using the Wii, but since I haven't got one I never dug into that. You may search for it in this forum.

    Your link points to AidenRigel, who made some sort of interface to milkdrop, AFAIK in visual basic and basically trapping the message queues between winamp / milkdrop / windows (I don't know much about these things). I understand that the tool would move MD more direction VJing, which is what quite a number of guys here are seeking for.
    Anyway, AidenRigel aggressively praised the features of his product at many places on the Internet and tried to market it. But then he vanished, and my personal guess is that he was disappointed with the lack of resonance.