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  • MilkDrop Wishlist

    This is the current wishlist of the most needed/ most popular requests. Hopefully Ryan will have a flick through this list and implement them in due course.

    So just check this list first before you post a request.

    I will add to this at regular (I hope) intervals.

    The most popular request by people here is the need for more VJ / Text options.

    VJ/Text Options

    - Line-break character for text. Word wrap is difficult because the font size is so variable, but linebreak should be do-able.

    - break up the time value of the messages into 'time in' and 'time stay' (or something similar). Have the scale happen during 'time in', and then we have a time during which the message stays on screen before being burnt into the background. If you don't want the text to stay, you could set 'time stay' to -1 or something.

    - Movement from left/Right/up/down so the messages could scroll onto the screen. Like the zooming size effects of the text already available

    - A configurable lock preset key as (some) laptops do not have a scroll lock key.

    - Hot Cut text pop-up.

    - The option when pressing 'H' (or another key) to enter Hot Cut mode where the next 'beat' the text, etc will appear.

    - Have the options to show the different MP3 ID3v2 information for the title animation (Title, Artist, Album, etc)

    - Have scripted/detailed timing of the pop-ups. So we can pre-program what and when they come up.

    Additional Effect for the presets Come on give us something new to play with....

    - More waveforms. Spectrum Analyser(s), more shapes (squares, triangles, etc) Or maybe a polygon type waveform with wave_mystery somehow being the number of sides.

    - Multiple waveforms. The option to have more then one waveform on the screen at one time. eg wave2_r =, wave2_x =, etc

    - Design your own waveforms. Something like the AVS superscope. Probably too advanced to be possible.

    - More changeable variables for the use in the per_frame sections. Basicallly all the menu option we would like in the per_frame. Maybe you’ll need to increase the user variable count too.

    - Static shapes on the screen (cubes, circles, etc). Maybe like shape no (1-9) set in menus called shape_type (in the per_frame section, and Colours and movement for these shape_r (b,g,a), shape_x (y), shape_size, shape_rot, etc.

    Or better still a new section (like per_frame and per_pixel) where we can define the shape with mathematical formula.

    - Motion Vectors (Old Skool Stylee). When there is no movement display no motion vectors rather than 0 length dots on the screen.

    - Decay for per_pixel and decay if possible a decay colour to fade too i.e. not black (0,0,0) make r,g & b for the decay to fade too.

    - Width of waveform. wave_width. A variable of width of the waveform. Rather than 1 pixel across make this variable so you can easily have chunky waveforms.

    Misc. Requests

    - Scene changes. Take a snapshot of the current preset running and on a hard cut (or whatever) make this into a static (or dynamic - although this would probably be too slow) 3d object (that we can define) this can move and the next preset can be active in the background. Understand?!

    - Select certain presets (which are pre-assigned beforehand) on the fly.

    - Make MilkDrop compatible with Winamp 3. The winamp control keys (z,x,etc) and playlist do not work when MilkDrop is running.

    - Independent refresh rate for the different resolutions.

    - More options for selecting presets by the ratings. Maybe check boxes for each of the 5 rating and it only randomly plays the ticked ones.

    - Allow for freedom of the values selected in the Menus. (eg Warp and Wave_Size cannot go to zero at the moment)

    - Advanced standard text formatting. Pitch size instead of large, etc, and additional colours options for the standard text in MD (fps, preset name, Song title time/etc) and the option for displaying with the black background (like the preset editing part)....I cannot sometimes see the monitor stuff . Or better still with a little border around the text or shadowed text option.

    - Vertical Screen size/Letterbox option. An option like in Geiss for changing the vertical screen size. Mainly for these folks with widescreen TV's.

    - MilkDrop Screensaver. Nuff Said.

    OK I think that is it.

    If I have missed any (and my have done) please post a new one to let me know and I will add it to the list if it is possible/feasible.

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