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Assigning hot keys to presets

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  • Assigning hot keys to presets

    I have been wondering if it is possible to assigning hot keys to specific presets rather than just pressing space or H and getting a random preset.

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      I think I remember seeing a program in this forum a long long time ago, I think it was some kind of preset generater so you could have it do whatever with whatever.

      All in all , is there a certain order that you want? or do you just want to beable to think to yourself, "I want to see this one ..right aboutttt...NOW!" and hit the button...,<--- i wouldnt know how to do this

      But if you had a certain order wich you wanted to be the same EXACTLY THE SAME, EVERY TIME, with no changes, then.......

      rename the the presets by putting the order that you want in alphebetical order like this --> imus-Catch Da Monkey mix
      aa imus-catch da monkey mix
      then hit "r" when md starts to make play in order you want, also hit scroll lock to make it so you have to hit "h" for the preset to change

      I would leave the artists name since they have spent far too much time "possibly days" making for you to take advantage of for 8 seconds

      but i suggest just putting your favorites either in a folder by themselves or using the rating to organize your favorites so that you will always be watching what you want

      I think its kinda cool not knowing what will come next and the transition between the two is my favorite part.

      But if your the kind of person that holds thier breath EVERYTIME they watch the bus jump that 50 foot gap in the movie [U]SPEED/U] ,..well, then..Yes MAke them in a specific order.


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        This forum is for sharing links to MilkDrop presets you've made or found. If you're authoring your own presets, please be sure to read the "Quality Assurance" section of the readme file before distributing your presets.

        I think this is what i was refering to