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Beginner dabblings (frequency spec, sierpinski fraktal)

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  • Beginner dabblings (frequency spec, sierpinski fraktal)

    Hi folks!

    Probably a bit late in the game, but I've been messing with Milkdrop and trying to learn it a bit lately.

    Post 4 of the results so far:

    The "raron - simple frequency spectrum 2" and 3 are just that..frequency spectrums.

    In version 3 (I have a simple version numbering system ) the left and right channel separation is at the max. But at the same time the signal also seems to be higher up on the frequency scale. That's just the minor difference between these two. I don't know why that is though, just wanted to mention that.

    Another thing about them is that altough I tried to split the dy-movements at the center of the screen, I still had to separate the left and right lines quite much (+ some more for safety's sake..) I guess this is due to the mesh-size not having a mesh-point at the center (in my resolution of 1152 by 864), or because of the interpolation between them. Come to think of it I haven't tried any other resolutions yet...

    The sierpinski is an example of an ordered fractal. Dont know about the rest of it, I just tried to make it a bit more interesting that it being just static... I have to work on that I guess.

    And the frequency spectrum frenzy-thing, well. Kind of Ok but a little dark(?). just a by-product thingy:P
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    Missing attachment

    Seems I didn't get my presets attached.. And that I couldn't attach anything by editing my original post.

    Well, 2nd try here..
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      Looks pretty good for some of you're first stuff.

      Fishbrain did some presets with similar math a while back, called fishbrain - the machine that concquered the world.

      I'd say it's an okay time to be learning milkdrop. With Redi Jedi's beta you have more options available to you then many previous authors had the benefit of.


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        I didn't know about the Ridi Jedi's beta, and tried to check it out. While I didn't get it installed (they said just to copy in the plugin-dir of winamp, but maybe my winamp is too old? Using v.2.80..), I found the preset from fishbrain, among cillions (well, 5000's of others. they seems to work in milkdrop 1.04 as far as I can tell, but maybe not all?

        Thanks for the tip!

        Unrelevant info: I had trouble logging in this time.. I used my email and password, but it didn't work.. by chance I pressed the "IP: Logged" link just to see what it was, and I could log in using my username instead. Strange.
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          Trust this man the beta is cool, same thing but with more features, like per pixel decay and texture capturing.

          As for the 1.04 presets, most of them work in the beta I'd say about 95%.

          I like the sierpinski carpet, hmmm a menger sponge could also make for nice effect.


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            More frequency spectrum dabblings

            Well, what can I say. I like spectrums

            Sorry for the boring preset names!

            Anyway, here's some variations on the simple frequency spectrums. Still for the Milkdrop 1.04

            Years ago I had a FFT-program (I have forgot the name). The "simple frequency spectrum, horisontal scan" makes Milkdrop look like it. Not that this is important...just wanted to
            mention it..

            Another one I want to mention is one that looks like an ordinary equalizer (well, almost:P..A bit awkward to juggle x-y points in milkdrop at times).

            Not very visually amazing stuff, but I hope you like some of them
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              Forgot this one

              Forgot to include this one..
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                Music radar

                Last ones for tonight..

                Yet another freq spec thing.

                4 slight variations of a radar:P Couldn't decide on just one. You decide. I was hoping for more of a "bleep"-style (dots on screen), though this kinda works too. Sort of an anti-radar, when the sound comes it makes the dots (eh, lines actually) on screen and not vice-versa
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                  Simple frequency spectrums

                  Well, some fix-ups. I think I have to be more patient before I post stuff..

                  I suddenly noticed I had the ratings set to 0..Inherited from an almost blank, very boring preset
                  And a few corrections thanks to ORB 13's suggestion about x/y-sizing. + some other minor stuff.

                  Basically done with these now (But you never know of course..)

                  Feel free to modify, and please post if you come up with something cool.

                  Btw this file also includes the music radars.
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                    Final(?) tinkering

                    Well, of course I tinkered a bit more with a couple of them. Finally got rid of the annoying diagonal line in the equalizers. So now they look Ok.

                    Though not very visually impressive, basically just equalizer. For fun, or something.

                    3 updated files in the .rar file.
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                      More dabblings..

                      Well.. 3 more presets, variations on another theme - waves.. and particles, erh, wavecenters..

                      Didn't know whether or not to make a new topic out of these.. just some more beginner preset thingys anyway.

                      Didn't have a clue as to what to call them.
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