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batch editing to get all shapecode with centred texture

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  • batch editing to get all shapecode with centred texture

    this is really boring but pretty useful for power users-

    one of the things you notice with milkdrop in transitions is that shapes like triangles with the texture option always flip so that when you have a spiral it suddenly turns into a cross and kind of messes up the blend effect. this is because the shapecode in the next configuration is set to centre, but the shape is off, so you have to go through all the Presets and set all the shapes on and set them to be out of view with y=2.

    to sort it out, you have to get a good scripting program, that can repeat a script a few thousand times, then within milkdrop you have to save all the Presets sequentially into the new format, which lists all the shapecode in text in the save file.
    For example the script might be-

    I = 0
    DO WHILE I <= ix

    SendKeys "s"
    wait 20
    SendSystemKeys "{enter}"
    wait 20
    sendkeys "y"

    wait 100
    sendkeys "h"

    I = I+1

    then when all the .milk files are in the same format, you have to individually search all the files,copy all the ones with shapecode_0_enabled=0 to another directory, set them all so that the shape is on, above the viewing area shapecode_1_y=1.800000, and that the texture is on shapecode_1_textured=1, then if you can be bothered,go through all the shape code per frame for that shape and put a //someplace so that the basic shape configuration isn't overridden-I forgot to do this.

    Repeat for all the other shapes, the whole process takes about 10 minutes, although saving files to another format takes about half an hour.

    Also, while I am at it, here is the rating code I have for Dragon NaturallySpeaking pro (DVC format)-much easier to say"rate 5"than press all the buttons.

    SendKeys "{numkey-}{numkey-}{numkey-}{numkey-}{numkey-}"

    i = _arg1
    DO UNTIL i = 0

    SendKeys "{numkey+}"

    wait 10
    i = i - 1

    SendKeys "{h}"

    -unless you have 30 hours to get your head around Dragon NaturallySpeaking pro it's a headxxxx, but kind of fun if you're bonkers enough to have DNS pro

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    you can turn all the presets into a text file in a matter of 2 seconds... Look for the batch I posted here in the forums.. Crash made it.