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    We've got the contest!!!
    You see thread created only for posting presets.
    Don't ask questions here, you won't be answered.
    If you don't know the rules, please read milking-contest thread in this forum (thanks Flexi).

    Post ZIPs or RARs.
    Like that:
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    i think i just started lactating?

    Gasp! after so much hype, a real contest!! I feel like a mother whale...
    PS: Nice submission fed!
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    ^_^ Don't Panic!! ^_^


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      Tool is the key...

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      I am the purple heathen.


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        Hey guys!!! You better hurry up now... I'd like to finish the contest in one month - by 20th July we'll have finished.
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          Please more activity...

          I see people reading this thread are not very competitive... But we'll include your best presets in the next release of WINAMP so it is the way to become famous and satisfy yourself! So please try to put your best presets here, even if you think they are not good enough for others.
          (Flexi,ORB,Hex,Stahlregen,Nitorami etc. - WHERE you are??)
          Anyway, here's my best presets so far, excluding ones that are in my first post.
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            Give it time. July is still quite a ways off. I think that this may have been posted quite prematurely if the 20th of july is the goal. I thought that it was the end of may.

            If I had know that july was the date, I've got some new effects that I would have included.

            AROUND THE 19th OF JULY.
            I am the purple heathen.


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              I'm working on it just have not had much spare time to come up with some really good stuff. Fed, two of your presets have syntax errors.


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                Which version of MD do you use? It seems these errors are "undeclared identifier 'tex2d'". And this error was removed in MD2.08c - so update. Bu anyways sorry for not thinking about older versions.


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                  well i do stuff, but i keep changing and changing my presets over some time until i am assured they are really cool. and i'm still carving out brandnew effects...

                  btw: i haven't watched your presets on this thread yet
                  I am convinced the are all more or less unique - i will sift them thru when i've finished my submission.
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                    Yes, sorry for the silence from my side - am working on it. Just haven't got the time I wish I would have.


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                      Ok. Then I'm quiet and cold until 18-19 July. P.S. watch this: STEAM UPDATE


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                        only the best
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                          Okay, what the hell is going on with this contest?

                          Are we just going to keep updating our submissions or what?

                          It's probably a GOOD IDEA to figure that out before we just start posting randomly in this thread Fed0r.
                          I am the purple heathen.


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                            Not to be a nag but... I see a lot of me and Eo.S.' code used here with no credit given... (Eo.S.' glowsticks waveform code comes to mind, but is not the only example)

                            I just ask if your not going to put our names into the file name, please at the very least put a thank you inside of that area of code. (For instance some of our presets use Krash's beat detection, or Zylot's rainbow generator... We put a comment that denotes that after that section of code).

                            I'm just saying it's fine to use our code for stuff, but using it and giving no credit is kinda unethical. Although I still think it's fine to leave us out of the file name if you choose to.

                            I just don't want 3 years from now people thinking someone else created some of our code.