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    rogue waves

    Something I just finished
    The only difference between the ps2 and ps3 version are the stars in the sky, which add a little bit of atmosphere but are not absolutely needed

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      sweet stuff...

      dude im soooo impressed particularly by moonlight splash!!!

      Just started learning about all this and it really is one thats inspiring me to keep learning how to make my own.

      thanks for the preset!


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        Thanks for the compliments, and hope you keep it up - it's not rocket science after all. Have met other visitors here keen to learn about milkdrop programming but then never heard of them again...


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          w00t! Finally I can enjoy all of your presets - I bought a new computer, and now I have PS3.0 support - and no more Ati bugs.

          So, I just wanted to drop by and tell you, once again, how awesome these presets are.


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            Tunnel race

            Only one new preset, which however was a LOT of work. No way to squeeze it into 64 instruction, you will need ps3 capabilities at least. Sorry for all those with a shader 2 card only.

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              I think it was well worth it Martin - awesome preset!


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                Night cathedral

                The night cathedral is open. Welcome everybody.
                Step in and take as much time as you like to watch the frescoes. Please use adequate mucic only - sacral, trance, gospel or similar preferred. You may consider to use fullscreen mode and to activate scroll-lock to prevent accidental interference.

                Shader model 3 required.
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                  I like a decent amount of this. Good job.


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                    milkdrop butterflies

                    As the name implies.
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                      WELL WELL WELL! (I say in a cinically sarcastic voice)....If it isn't the new HOT SHOT...Nitorami! Or should I say....MARTIN!??!???? ("huffs") The new big shot.....big super star of the Milkdrop scene....the one everyone has been talking about......the one that even caught my own attention!

                      Yes INDEED I say, ....WELL....WELL.........WEELLL!

                      HAH!-You might think your fooling everyone else, but YOU certainly are NOT foolin' ol' Sherwin Maxawow! OH NOOO... no no no....hahaha! FOOL ME?? HAH No.... hahaha, oh that is funny! (How crazy can an idea be??!??)
                      I happen to be a bit more "keen" than the average chimpanzee from Earth, Nitorami! - Yes....that is CORRECT, I am from EARTH! YOU know, its the planet you first stepped foot on---- when you walked out of your SPACE SHIP!" AAHHAAA- the "veil" suddenly lifts, and "lights" turn ON! The once hidden truth, has now been made clear as day!! (hehehe)

                      OH--- Feeling a little "EXPOSED" Are WE, Nitorami?!!!??? ARE WE?? Oh no! Are we.. ummm... feeling.. just a little bit.....EXPOSED??!!!!??? Hmmmm????! (LAUGHING sarcastically) - I certainly would be, If I were YOU! Haha!

                      Oh my, and what a "clever name" you chose for yourself, Mr. Martin-------Or should say "MARTIAN"!!!?? Games up. You aint fooling anyone anymore! Because of Sherwin Maxawow, the name your gonna remember and wish to GOD you never ever heard of!
                      But then again, we could just be friends. But I just need to learn to trust you, that's all! I just find it hard to trust people from Mars! But it just takes time, and so no biggie.

                      But I am gonna tell people your from MARS, and so you might as well just surrender and give up the secret, cuz its not so secret anymore.....or is this a PM post??
                      I really think people on earth deserve to know the truth! I think people are tired of the "cover-up" BS.. and I think you just need to prepare for that! No more games, no more shmames! GAMES SHMAMES.....that is what I say!

                      You may have fooled the masses, but not the Maxawow! I am just too 'dag-gum' keeeen, and too clever! In fact, I am sometimes too clever for my own good! Honestly its not always easy, being Sherwin Maxawow!- A man who I cannot be fooled by anyone....even people from Mars, Martin. (You martian you!)

                      Oh but nice presets, by the way! They are not too bad.
                      Some of them are even good! Perhaps maybe even too good! But that- Nitorami- is something I sure can relate to! Being "too good" n all, at times! I sense that is probably the same kind of delema you are feeling you are in here yourself right now, correct?

                      But what can beings like you and I do???? (*SIGH*) What on earth (or mars) can beings like us really do? Its just tough--- being the best of the best, of the best. Its a bit lonely too. Sigh.
                      Oh well.
                      Ya know, we both may not be from the same planets, but we might have a lot in common you and I. Perhaps we are more alike than we both might have ever first assumed?? Perhaps we are brothers? Perhaps we are both one in the same being, of some crazy jigsaw puzzle called the universal being of God. And you and me, we are know......a couple of outcasts....renegades. Lone wolves! Ya know?

                      But STILL..... I STILL HAVE MY "EYE" ON YOU! Dont think I aint gonna be watching YOU! I will be doing just that, and closer than you might feel comfortable with! LIKE A HAWK! So you better just,keep.. just, you better just keep it cool! I mean....NO FUNNY STUFF! Seriously, YOU just better not pull any FUNNY STUFF, at ALL!

                      If there is one thing Sherwin Maxawow DOES NOT LIKE.........................Its funny stuff! SO you better just watch it! I'm telling YOU, Nitorami!

                      I can have you sent back on the first busride back to Mars! I can do it just that easy! How easy is "that"? Well...lets just say its easier than you think!

                      Oh.... AND also.... your "presets" just better not 'contain' any of that, brain washing "hidden message" bull shit! Seriously, don't be trying to brain wash any more earth people! OK?
                      We are already BRAIN WASHED ENOUGH, thank you very much!

                      (Oooh, now that that makes me angry!)

                      (IN a ANGRY VOICE)-- OH WHY.. if you....or if I EVER.....EVER!!.....FIND ANY kind of sneaky subliminal-(martian)-messaging bull crap in any one of your presets!---- So help me GOD! SO HELP ME!-- Then you are gonne have deal with MY OWN subliminal messages..... AND THEY WONT BE SO PRETTY!

                      But hey...pal, keep up the good work!

                      Just no funny stuff! That's all.

                      Anyway, Besides that... welcome to Earth! WE hope you enjoy your stay!

                      Last edited by Sherwin Maxawow; 6 October 2008, 04:19.
                      Walking right along that--thin--fine--line- in between -GENIUS & a tightrope!


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                        And you and me, we are know......a couple of outcasts....renegades. Lone wolves! Ya know?
                        Dare I say..... "Mavericks"?

                        and some inspiration from an officer of the 2am toke patrol...
                        It's not fake, it was shot a few times, because that camera is expensive!Part 2: 3:

                        Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

                        Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

                        ...all in a deighs werk
                        ^_^ Don't Panic!! ^_^


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                          (ccc) is for chaos computer club
                          (cc) is for creative commons
                          (c) is for cookie

                          Don't spoil the mighty mighty Martin, all we want is fresh new presets.
                          Do you think what i think? Yes, he's the Guru
                          WebSocket Hub for Kinect SDK 2.0 with Milkdrop shader pipeline in VanillaJS and glsl
                          Codepen | Shadertoy | OpenProcessing | studio sketchpad
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                            Well, now that the great SHERWIN MAXAWOW has exposed my secret identity, there's no point in camouflaging any longer. Thanks very much, Sherwin. Now instead of fooling the masses with seemingly harmless and peaceful presets such as butterflies -yawn-, I can as well let loose the truly diabolic issues on the unsuspecting public.

                            The 2 "hardcore" mixes were inspired by Eo.S.'s sweet and fantastic "progressive hardcore" track. The other ones are more or less spin-offs from experiments I'd like to get rid off.
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                              Ahh yes.... I would have to agree. AND By all means, don't hold back!
                              Walking right along that--thin--fine--line- in between -GENIUS & a tightrope!


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                                Nitorami......has the same kind of ring to it as one of the great artists in history. Anyone else agree? Like Picasso, or Da Vinci, Van Goah, and of course who can forget- Nitorami... the great Master of the Milkdrop canvas!

                                I indeed happen to be a real "art collector" myself!

                                In fact, I proudly "own" ALL of Nitorami's work! Not just the "prints", but the original DIGITAL canvas art pieces!
                                THE ORIGINALS-- I proudly own them!
                                The rest of you all here may only have printed copies............ which are still good! However, they are not THE ORIGINAL Digital masters, oil based!

                                I am proud to have them all displayed on my 22 inch screen!

                                Sherwin Maxawow is of course known here by most of you as being primarily the 'Village Idiot" and loony tunes!
                                Yet I do feel I have a real place in this community, and doesn't every community message board online have at least one "odd-ball" or a village idiot, so to speak?

                                And could there ever be a better village idiot than I? Could anyone else compete with me, honestly? Can there be more than ONE true 'town odd-ball' or village idiot? I feel proud of who I have found myself as here since 2004.

                                I only aim to please, and my posts are my Milkdrop presets--- in metaphoric colors!
                                Maybe I am loony, but my heart is true! Hey--- Heart and ART sound the same! They Rhyme for a reason, perhaps?

                                By ze' way.... all of you are awesome MD artists!

                                I could go on forever expressing my admiration specifically for practically every preset author/artist I've ever seen.

                                I only feel like Nitorami is good for multiple reasons. Like for example-- Perhaps his work and presets can help inspire a whole new level of quality "standards" which everyone else (I imagine) can use and incorporate into their own new presets. You know what I mean?

                                I am loony---- because of all things I'm being reminded of how "KISS" set the standards for concerts back in the day! (hahaha!) I just had to share that!
                                Last edited by Sherwin Maxawow; 11 October 2008, 01:47.
                                Walking right along that--thin--fine--line- in between -GENIUS & a tightrope!