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Uber Ultra Premium Preset Collection [137 Top Tier Presets]

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  • Uber Ultra Premium Preset Collection [137 Top Tier Presets]

    Hey everybody, I finally got tired of hitting space bar to find the best presets milk-drop had to offer. So I went ahead and spent the weekend picking out the best of the best, cream of the crop, the top tier presets milk drop had to offer. I meticulously looked through all the presets I could find on the forum and the website, and ended up with this Ultra Premium Preset Collection. It features 137 of the hottest looking presets out there.

    If you think I have missed some really good ones, let me know and I'll take a look, and if its up to par, I will add it to the collection

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    Your missing so many that I am guessing you based this only off what comes with winamp and not from the multitude or presets going around.

    I am not going to name them cause that would be way to long.

    Was going to post my collection but the forum is not allowing anything over 500k it seems even though its says up to 1.91mb is fine. Was also going to drop it on a file host but it seems the board wont allow that either and censors all the links.

    Pm me if you want them I will send you the link.


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      137 pesets from a huge amount of presets on the forums does'nt seem alot tbh.

      theres a lot more than 137 decent presets


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        Guys, this is not a collection of decent presets... its the ones that I think are really something special, the presets that go above and beyond the call of duty. I know there's a ton of really interesting and good ones, but these are BEST. Once again if u would like to contribute, and know of any really amazing presets (not just decent!) then by all means send me a PM with a link to em and I'll look through them.


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          i can fuckin' see you almost included some of my mashes. don't you EVER do that mother fucker! my mashes suck very badly!!!! they don't belong on any fuckin' good list. bitches.
          ayahuasca chupacabra


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            if you want a huge list,
            check out:
   - Youtube Radio (buy me)
   - Contact Music & More


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              This is great, I just doubled my # of presets to around 45,000. Anyone else have a huge collection they would like to share? Milkdrop is STILL blowing my mind daily!


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                I'm new to MilkDrop. Many thanks to your collection.