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Outputting pictures at arbitrarily large resolution (for print)

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  • Outputting pictures at arbitrarily large resolution (for print)

    Hi Milkdrop community!

    I was wondering if anyone has grappled with outputting pictures at higher than their monitor's resolution. I've made some mash-ups that distort sprites nicely, and I want to save some stills and print posters or make a T-shirt. I'm looking for something on the order of 4000 x 5000 px. I want to print at around 100 to 300dpi. I don't care if it will grind everything to a slow crawl, I'm just looking for a single still.

    How would I go about this? Is there some software that can make a virtual screen that I can then press Printscreen on? Will Milkdrop ever handle that, or will I be restricted to what my graphics card can maximally output?
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    well, how good is your C++? If you're a little experienced with programming, Milkdrop just recently went open-source. It might be possible to setup a really large internal buffer texture and use that. Other than that i wouldn't know how to help, sorry.
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