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Tony_Thailand's Milkdrop Preset 2

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  • Tony_Thailand's Milkdrop Preset 2

    Hey, guys.
    I have make new Milkdrop Preset.
    Now you can view my file.

    This is my Milkdrop Preset 2 preview.
    Milkdrop Preset 2 have 10 file.

    1. A Lot Of Devil

    2. Brightness Bloom

    3. Modern In Sepia

    4. Dragon Eye

    5. Dancin' In Beats

    6. Dragon In Nebulas

    7. Rainbow Orb

    8. The Lessons For Studying

    9. Funny Boxes

    10. Deep Into The Rainbow Ocean

    I'll make Tony_Thailand's Milkdrop Preset 3 in coming soon.
    Bye, bye.
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    Wow! These are really good! You should post some screenshots to let people have a glimpse of your work (although the real beauty of it is only seen in movement..).

    PS: Like it use to happen to some Milkdrop presets, these are better appreciated with quiet / slow songs, the beat reaction is quite amazing..
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      Thank you for feedback, Victhor.