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  • Soild colour preset


    I know this is a strange question as the whole point of visualizations is to look interesting! but..

    I have a specific need to have a visualization that is just solid black, i.e. nothing actually happens, just a black screen as the music plays..

    What is the most basic set of presets which would not actually output anything other than a black screen?

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    You could try looking for a preset called nematodes, or something like that. It isn't completely black, but what little light it has is just little dots with a yellow trail kind of slowly spiraling around the screen. If not you can try to find MindJourney's preset pack, he has one or two in there that are mostly black, I think. If still no, you can try looking through my packs, though I doubt you will find any really dark ones in there. If still no at that point, then I suggest learning some simple code and programming your own preset. It shouldn't be hard, given that you want a strictly black background. I'm sure that Flexi or Martin would be happy to give you a couple lines of code for that, given that they see this. Hope this helps!


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      Ok thanks, I'll check those ones out first


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        I made a thread showcasing my blank(and black) presets but never really got any feedback. I can post them up if you like what you see.

        All you have to do is mess with the preset settings(m key), any preset can be made black you just have to change the opacities to 0.0001 and all the waves and shapes turned off.

        If you are still getting color on screen you need to mess with the numbers in the warp and comp shaders. You wont know what it means likely, i dont either, just change those numbers back N forth til you find the one dealing with color then change that number til you find a coloryou like


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          Hey! Try my plan!

          Make sure this preset has pixel shader version 2 or newer! If you don't have it, try to upgrade the pixel shader by pressing 'M' then go to 'update preset's pixel shader version'. Press 'Y' and you're good to go.
          Press 'M' then go to [ edit composite shader ].

          Add this to the comp shader code:
          HTML Code:
          ret = float3(0, 1,1);
          float3(r,g,b) consists of changing the color of the entire screen.

          The entire screen gone cyan! You can change the values from 0 to 1!

          Another example:
          HTML Code:
          ret = float3(0.65, 0,1); // goes magenta-like
          You can play with these parameters and see what results you've got!
          I'll share this preset. This is a demo, not an official preset.

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