Hello, everyone.
About 1 month ago, I've the new idea to make some Milkdrops with my friends.
I've 7 friends. My friends will make 2 Milkdrops/people with me, by I'll entered the formula, my friends will designed the style of Milkdrops.
My friend is using an alias.
And This is our 14 Milkdrops.

TonyMilkdrop + Anirut
01. The Garbages
02. The Wheel Of The Death

TonyMilkdrop + ATG (Initials of AlienTimeGamer)
03. Breathing Imagine
04. Don't Be Careful

TonyMilkdrop + BankNASA
05. Lost In Echo
06. Wind Of Flames

TonyMilkdrop + Furansu
07. Curves Of Cartoon
08. Lorelei

TonyMilkdrop + MonGatac
09. Nice To Meet You
10. Vertigo

TonyMilkdrop + StazTear
11. Movin' Star
12. Smoke Or Water

TonyMilkdrop + Xenon
13. Exploding Betelgeuse
14. The Twin

I'm very happy to make Milkdrop with my friends.
If the opportunity again, we could make some Milkdrop together again.
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