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TonyMilkdrop - "Easier Equations 1"

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  • TonyMilkdrop - "Easier Equations 1"

    Hello! Everyone. I've come back again with my new presets, "Easier Equations"
    This presets is Milkdrops that I made with simple equations by which everyone can do it.

    This presets have 10 Milkdrops.
    01. Tunnel To The Future
    02. Caught The Rectangles On Camera
    03. Chickenpox
    04. White Bombs
    05. Pop Up
    06. Populi 1
    07. Populi 2
    08. S... And F...
    09. Hello! Hello! Can You Hear Me?
    10. WTF (What's This Feel)

    If you like or love my presets.
    Let's download it! Ha ha.

    PS.1 You can be my Milkdrops to the new adaptation.
    PS.2 This presets is ideal for full-screen.

    Thank you for looking and download my presets
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