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Milkdrop preset VU METER REQUEST :)

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  • Milkdrop preset VU METER REQUEST :)

    I would just like to ask you guys if you know of any presets for milkdrop that look like this:

    If not could someone please make something similiar. I would like to use it with poweramp alpha version :P

    Best regards from Slovenia

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    No, there is no such preset but it can be done. If you can provide a high quality picture of a VU meter, just without the needle, I can do the rest. You need to confirm that you've done it yourselves, I am not willing to pirate other people's artwork.
    I should mention that presets are for fun, not for metering purposes. Do not expect this to show the correct dB values, it can only be estimates.


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      I will see what I can do I will post the picture here if I can make it ok Thanks for helping man


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        I have made these two with the help of the net however I didnt made them myself because I dont have the skills so please just take a look It took me some time to make them. I hope you like it.

        Best regards
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          Well I guess I can use one, these are fairly basic scales.

          I gues this should run on a smartphone, right ? I have never bothered about smartphones, so what about the aspect ratio ? I mean, other than on the PC, a smartphone screen is taller than wide. Would it not fill the screen better if we place the scales below each other, rather than side by side, or rotate them ? Please try first which one of the attached looks best without clipping and distortion.
          Note that you need to copy the image into the preset folder.

          I just note that the screen in No3 is mirrored, but don't bother.
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            Correction. I have tested it. Previously I was using the wrong picture xd but I used your picture. The best preset is test2 but thats for winamp. I tryed it with poweramp but it doesnt want to work. It doesnt load the picture...


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              Maybe poweramp does not support shader 2. Try this.
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                It works for winamp hovever it doesnt for poweramp. Poweramp just loads two small green triangles but no picture. I think that poweramp doesnt support pictures but im not sure. Can you please test with poweramp alpha version ? I tryed to post a link but it apparently was blocked. Just google: poweramp alpha and download it. You will see that its a killer music player :P

                p.s.: Thanks for helping me out :P I never thought I would find a nice guy who likes to help out


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                  I am probably the last person in the world who does not bother about smartphones. I don't have one. As poweramp currently only runs on ARM processors under Android, I cannot test it.

                  The triangles are probably remainders from shape 4 which I forgot to disable. Nevermind, if that's all you get to see, the visualiser support is seriously flawed.


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                    Just for curiosity, try if that works.
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                      I apreciate the feedback. I tested it and this one works. However it should be more responsive to music beats :P Also how could we create a better background for it??

                      Best regards



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                        However it should be more responsive to music beats
                        In analog days a VU was meant to show the smoothed volume. It allowed the user to control the recording volume such as to avoid overranging and distortion. The mechanical inertia of the needle, its air drag and magnetic drag did the smoothing. I tried to replicate this from my memory, and calibrated it to a full scale range of 0 dB.

                        Music should be calibrated but unfortunately often is not. Many online radio stations do not care, some can hardly be heard, others blow your ears off. The shitty VU as it is tries to display the real volume. If a station is rather silent, the needle hardly moves. This could be changed, of course, by some sort of auto gain control but I don't feel like it. And I must say I have become a bit allergic to the term "responsive" which seems to be another way to say brainlessly-jumping-and-flashing-in-my-face.

                        Also how could we create a better background for it ?
                        The straight way is to use a static picture. If poweramp does not support it, the only alternative is by using lines and shapes. But it is very difficult to draw numbers and characters using lines, and it needs a lot of CPU because all the lines need to be re-drawn every frame. It would suck the battery empty just to show a few characters on the screen.

                        You might try one thing: Maybe poweramp understands more common image formats such as jpg. Use a picture editor and reformat nova_slika.png to .jpg, and try whether that works. I think not however.


                        Edit: The Klanghelm page says they accurately modelled the behaviour of a real VU but I cannot do this because I do not have a real VU handy, and it would be a lot work to measure and model it. Anyway, attached a version which is a bit faster and possible more "responsive".
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                          Unfortunately it doesnt work with the picture... Im so sad xd


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                            I had checked the codes with Notepad++, and I am interested especially for the sections "warp" and "comp". "martin - Really Shitty VU.milk" should be independent from "Nova_slika.png". Because 2 versions had been posted, I had saved them as "martin - Really Shitty VU 1.milk" and as "martin - Really Shitty VU 2.milk". I didn't see them yet, also not yet the other 4 "novaslika screen test presets", which really need this texture, and it had come into the textures folder. But of course I am interested for the difference between Ambient Dub & Dub Techno and also the songs by our band member Biggie-Music, which have a total different music genre.
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                              the really shitty VI IS really shitty, as the name suggests. It is only two frames and needles, and would need some polish and a combination with the texture. But I did not continue this because Danijel wanted it for poweramp, and textures do not seem to work with poweramp (yet ?).