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    edit of Martin's Blue Mountain preset

    It's pretty hard to add something to perfection, which I think Martin's preset Blue Mountains is, but I wanted something a bit more from it. Like reacting to music more and looking great as a "living" wallpaper on a HQ TV screen without Martin's signature camera movement. (sorry Nitorami, sometimes I just want to bask in your creations. ) I love the edit that EVET made with their EVET - martin -Souls Waters- Blue Fiat Morgana preset so that was added too.

    So here's a mellow preset edit for those interested. Happy Winamping for those still around, lol.

    edit: each time the preset is loaded, the scene is a bit different just so you know.
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      New preset mix

      Figure I'll just stick to this thread even though it titled as 6 presets, lol

      For those who are still around, something chill and mellow
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        Simple but interesting movement. I like that.
        It is strenuous to the eyes however, maybe you should consider changing direction from time to time, or add some fixed point, a frame or something, for the eye to rest on ?


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          I'll give it a try.

          I took a break from trying to figure out Milkdrop for a bit, (life got in the way unfortunately) but I'm still on a mission for myself to create a totally new preset. Just started learning C++ for fun.