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  • 6 new presets

    Still messing around with presets and wanted to share a few I've done. These are mixes cause I can't do the math for totally brand new ones. But hopefully these are different than what you may be used too. Anyway, the more presets the better.

    From clockwise from the top left:
    • xmuzack + cope - milkboom
    • xmuzack + martin - blue spectrum in motion
    • xmuzack + flexi - fasten your seatbelts cause it's time to fly high
    • xmuzack + cope - do you feel it yet
    • xmuzack + mic h - strip lounge
    • xmuzack + martin + mic h + Mstress Jumpy - neon danceclub

    Sabine Klare, I tried my best to do a spectrum like your post in :

    Couldn't get a picture to work, but I did manage to get a moving background to Nitorami's simple spectrum in blue. That would be the blue spectrum in motion preset. Wish milkdrop could show a song name for a preset. Oh well.

    I think I got everyone's names referenced right.
    • In the zip file there are 6 presets and 2 texture files. Put the presets in your milkdrop preset folder and the 2 texture files in your milkdrop texture folder. The names shouldn't conflict with the other textures.

    Milkdrop, still whippin the LLama's ass!
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    Hello xmuzack,

    nice to see You here.

    I have downloaded the screenshot and the .zip-folder, and I have copied the content to a new open folder. I will take that all home. I will try to check out the new presets in the following days. The many thunderstorms force me to turn off my Workstation PC at home very often, but I can check the presets also on my notebook. Currently I am sitting in the computer-room of the meeting-point, and we can play Electronic Music only from YouTube, SoundCloud & Co.

    Of course I can't wait until I will finally see "blue spectrum in motion" and the other presets, with and without one of my 4 semi-transparent music-words in the neverending rotation. And I say already: Keep up Your good work!...
    Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
    Music, Art, Lyrics, Videos
    AMBIENT... AMBIENT music forever...


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      2 spectrums with moving background edits

      Still here, Sabine Klare. Thanks, and still loving Winamp.

      I modified a project that was started by butterbeaster, and I was finally able to get a spectrum with moving picture background using Nitorami's simple spectrum in blue. So, if anyone is interested:

      xmuzack + martin + butterbeaster - howl at the spectrum

      xmuzack + martin + butterbeaster - roses and spectrum

      You can add your own pic of your choosing for the background. Just change the name. i.e.: blank.jpg and background1.jpg for example.

      You can see the clouds and moon repeat a bit in Howl at the spectrum.milk. More noticable in fullscreen. No idea how to fix that. Roses and spectrum.milk is seamless.

      Have a good weekend Winampers.
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        Seamless clouds for howl at the spectrum.milk

        If anyone is interested, here's a seamless cloud background you can use for the xmuzack + martin + butterbeaster - howl at the spectrum preset I posted above. Makes it look better imo.

        Just replace the one in your texture folder.
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          2 new presets...

          Here's 2 new presets that's very responsive to your music using a grey background. I was wanting a minimal look here to go with a dark/grey Winamp skin I'm using.

          xmas in july:

          Yes Christmas, lol

          study of fighting fireflies:

          2 presets in the zip file. The xmas_tree.jpg is for the xmas in july.milk.
          Names of the preset artists I mixed are named.
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            Didn't like the grey backgrounds afterall

            Didn't realize that in full screen the grey gradient background have lines in it. So I redid the two presets in a black background which I much prefer now. So for anyone interested:

            xmuzack + martin + Geiss + QBikal + cope + Zylot + $$$ Royal - xmas in july (ZeroTrinity remix)

            xmuzack + martin - QBikal + EVET + Eo.S + Rovastar + Loadus + Geiss - study of fighting fireflies (sentinals copper edit)
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              Unfortunately currently I can download only the single-files, but not the .zip-folders. I had mentioned the problems also here:
              All music all the time. For musicians and fans and critics and engineers and audiophiles and for anyone who's ever wanted to make a loud noise by strumming, blowing or hitting something.

              Can the other true fans of Winamp & Milkdrop download the .zip-folders from the forums without problems?

              Please give me some feedback about my problems, if it is possible. If I am the only-one user with this problem, then I need to find another solution.

              I wish You already a nice weekend. Somewhen we will see us next week...
              Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
              Music, Art, Lyrics, Videos
              AMBIENT... AMBIENT music forever...


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                No problem with zip files here. I use win 10 and firefox 52.2.1.


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                  Sabine Klare,

                  Sabine Klare, I can share the files separate for you. Sucks that you have issues with zip files though. I'll upload the latest versions that I have though. I have the same setup as Nitorami, Win 10 with Firefox.

                  These are the same from post:

                  Edit: crap! uploading this way cuts off the names of longer files.

                  xmuzack + martin - QBikal + EVET + Eo.S + Rovastar + Loadus + Geiss - study of fighting firefli.milk is supposed to say xmuzack + martin - QBikal + EVET + Eo.S + Rovastar + Loadus + Geiss - study of fighting fireflies (sentinals copper edit).milk

                  You can rename it if you want. It'll still work if you just leave it as is of course

                  Sabine Klare, I'm pretty sure the issue is with Windows Defender. Don't know why it blocks you. I, myself have it disabled and I use Comodo internet security instead. It's free and I've never had problems with it for the many years I used it. Firewall and anti-virus.

                  In case you're interested, you can find it here: Comodo internet security
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                    Let's party!

                    There's a new preset from Nitorami, so there's cause to celebrate. You can find it here:

                    The speaker milkboom preset I shared in post #1, I ended up not liking it. Didn't move right and it felt sort of bland. So I had to tweak it till I loved it. This is much, much improved imho. Toss the old version away! So happy weekend Winampers!

                    xmuzack + cope + Zylot - milkboom (let's party edit)

                    *If you don't have it, you'll need to put the winamp_woofer.jpg into the Milkdrop texture folder for this to work.
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                      Hi xmuzack

                      I agree that one looks much better.
                      Here a few hints :
                      - I would aspect correct the woofer to avoid the ellipse distortion. This is done when sampling the image in the warp shader. See attached.
                      - "q1 = q1 + something;" may not do what you expect because the q variables are automatically reset at each frame. This is the same for all other inbuilt variables such as zoom, rot, dx, dy, dx, sy etc. Anything you add to these variables only works in this frame but is forgotten in the next one. This is different for your own variables which are remembered over frames.
                      The q variables are initialised to zero at each frame, the others to the value defined in the milk file. That may result in unexpected behaviour. e.g. when zoom=2 in the milk file, and you define zoom = zoom+0.1, it will be 2.1. Always define these variables properly yourself by explicitly saying zoom = 1.1, rather than adding something to a possibly unknown initialisation value.
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                        Thanks for the hints Nitorami. Means a lot. I'm going to study the differences between the two .milk files and the texture section in the MILKDROP preset authoring guide which I'm still scratching my head while reading through it. It's rocket science, written by those waaaaaaay smarter than me, but I'm having fun with it.


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                          Yet another new preset

                          I can stare at this preset for hours and hours and hours....

                          xmuzack + martin + Mig + Eo.S. - look inside the stained glass flame
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                            Hi all, I was just informed by a very experienced and helpful coder that my xmuzack + flexi - fasten your seatbelts cause it's time to fly high in post #1 has very high CPU load. So, it is in your best interest to stop using that preset until I can figure out how to clean it up.

                            Sorry for any confusion on this. I still have a lot to learn about Milkdrop...


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                              Thank You for re-posting the single-files, xmuzack. And I have renamed one of the presets, so that it has the original filename now.

                              I am missing yet these 2 presets from post #3:
                              xmuzack + martin + butterbeaster - howl at the spectrum.milk
                              xmuzack + martin + butterbeaster - roses and spectrum.milk
                              and I am missing these 2 presets from post #5:
                              xmas in july
                              study of fighting fireflies
                              because since post #3 I don't have the .zip-folders. I have only the .zip-folder from post #1 in Your thread.

                              But I have already the screenshots from post #3 to post #6, and they are very impressive. I have background2.jpg from Your post and the textures with the roses, rosebackground.jpg and rosebackgroundwithframe.jpg from another thread (for knockknock.jpg I use a replacement texture with the blue islands). The moon in the first screenshot in post #3, is that from a random texture or is that a special texture? If it is a special texture, then it should be posted, too.

                              I have created already some empty folders, to where the content of the .zip-folders should come some day. I don't know when my issues will be solved.

                              About Your issues, I am sure, that soon a fixed version will come out:
                              xmuzack + flexi - fasten your seatbelts cause it's time to fly high (fixed).milk

                              I think, You have already seen my newest screenshots on deviantART, and this year I had uploaded also some of my older screenshots (only the best). At home Frank and I are so lonely since 24th December 2014, and our unknown enemies are responsible for that. Currently I am sitting in the computer-room of the meeting-point while I am writing my post, and I cannot do so much. For this week some of the dates have been cancelled. Of course I dislike our unkown enemies who have thrown me into this situation, but on the other side I have more time to work on my ideas as artist, if the many thunderstorms would not slow me down so often.

                              BTW, Your screenshots promise very much. And keep up Your good work!...
                              Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
                              Music, Art, Lyrics, Videos
                              AMBIENT... AMBIENT music forever...