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  • xmuzack
    To add a few favorites from the base presets:

    Eo.S. - glowsticks v2 02
    fiShbRaiN - witchcraft
    EVET - the beast of eden
    flexi - color strike
    flexi - the early bird
    Geise - reaction diffusion 2
    Krash - interwoven
    martin - lonely goose
    shifter - robotopia

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  • hakanh
    Hi all,

    Maybe I can make a list and share all include my favorites at a convenient time.

    I do not even want to comment on about Winamp's life if we talk about it.
    I think, Radionomy killed it. I wish another company has bought the Winamp. For many years we have come to these days with their so-called "new version will be released very soon". (
    I was certain that we will be using its new and better versions right now if the rights of this program would have been in the hands of others.

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  • Sabine Klare
    Hello hakanh and Fumbling_Foo,

    the idea for this thread is very good.

    It is very difficult to say which presets are my favourites. I know only, many Martin Presets are very good. I love especially all presets from the Everlands (Massif Central, Inferno and Badlands), and I would like to see new presets from there.

    But I myself like also those presets very much which use "sampler_rand_00" and "texsize_rand_00" in their codes, in the sections "warp" or "comp". Then each random texture has the chance to appear. I have over 5000 random textures now, 5009, and it will continue.

    But if "Martin - Pixies Party v2" will come out some day, then it will be very difficult for me to make again some preset-edits. On my notebook from 2011 (Win 7) I cannot edit the presets. Because I cannot update IrfanView there, I didn't try that with Winamp. At least I got the Sprites running. And on my PC from 2009 (Vista) I get a blackout on the screen more often than in the past, if I try to edit a preset or watch a preset again and again, but it happens also, if I want to look into my old Firefox History or if I add Firefox-Bookmarks manually. And then I have to use the "Turn-Off"-Button. Maybe my PC is already very old.

    Oh no, if at first my PC will die and later also my notebook, then I will have no computer and no Winamp anymore. Because our incomes have become worse and worse over the years, it will be very difficult for me to buy a new computer, and then it will be Windows 10, if I will experience Windows 10 ever and not be already in the other dimensions.

    Whatever will happen, Winamp & Milkdrop should continue...

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  • Fumbling_Foo
    Great topic, hakanh . A few of my favorites are:

    Aderrasi + Geiss - Airhandler (Kali Mix) - Painterly Kaleidoscope 2
    Flexi, martin + geiss - dedicated to the sherwin maxawow
    Geiss - Reaction Diffusion 3
    Goody - Ego Decontructor
    martin - crystal palace
    martin - purple pulsator
    martin's mandelbox explorer
    Martin - Shiny Tunnel
    Martin - Silversmith
    ORB - Acid Cycle Gas Giant
    ORB - Waaa
    Unchained - Goofy Beat Detection

    I don't know of too many presets outside of the milkdrop base package, there's just too many to go through.

    Edit: Forgot to include Geiss' reaction diffusion

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  • hakanh
    started a topic Favourite presets

    Favourite presets

    What are your favorite presets from the Milkdrop package? Which would you like to see later versions of them?

    My favourite presets are (as far as I remember):
    - Eo.S. - Glowsticks v2 (series)
    - Martin - City Lights v2
    - Martin - Disco Mix 6
    - Martin - Elusive Impressions mix2
    - Martin - Glassworks 3
    - Martin - Inferno
    - Martin - Juggernaut
    - Martin - Pixies Party
    - Orb - Kaleidoscope
    - Orb - Solar Radiation
    - Phat + Eo.S. - Bass_responce Red Movements Disorienting Nebula 3
    - PieturP - Triptrap (getting concrete vision through a diaphragm version)
    - Rovastar + Loadus + Geiss - FractalDrop (Triple Mix)
    - Rovastar - Altars of Harlequin's Maddess
    - Rovastar - Tripmaker (Space Trip Mix)
    - Shifter - Swarm
    - Yin - Ocean of Light
    - Yin - Organic Circuits (365)

    I would like to see new versions of these:
    - Eo.S. - Glowsticks v3 ( I know this will never happen. But it would be nice if Martin publishes a new mode at least.. With his professionalism, he can carry it to another dimension. )
    - Martin - City Lights v3 !!!
    - Martin - Disco Mix v7 !!!
    - Martin - Elusive Impression mix3 !!!
    - Martin - Glassworks v4
    - Martin - Ludicrous Speed v2 !!!
    - Martin - Pixies Party v2