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  • Custom Presets for Acoustic Music

    I'm trying to find some high quality MilkDrop presets for a project I'm working on. The audio source is acoustic piano music, and it seems many presets don't really respond to the frequencies the songs use, or they move so much that silent parts of a song look like its a raver.

    I see they are forum rules against advertising, trying to sell or buy things, and I don't want to break those rules. But would anyone know where I'd be able to find a space where I can find MilkDrop designers to make a custom preset for me?

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    Have you tried Acid Cycle gas giant by ORB? The preset is in the default milkdrop package.

    Also, there is Synaescope v9. It's pretty responsive to subtle beats because of its dynamic adaptation, but it may jump sometimes with strong transients/transitions.

    Edit: This topic got me thinking about how my presets react to classical music. More controlled beat response, so Synaescope v9a / Maelstrom v4a are out .

    I don't think there's anyone around any more that can / will make custom presets, but WACUP (winamp community update project) will be released eventually. It should include a lot of high-quality presets to choose from.
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