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how do you load a jpg file into milkdrop please

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  • how do you load a jpg file into milkdrop please

    I have been trying to figure out how do you load images and textures into milkdrop and so far I haven't been able to find any written code to allow me to do that. Is it possible? I am googled out and would really like to know if there is any such thing. If so could you please point me in the right direction.

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    Milkdrop comes with a document "preset authoring guide". Read it.


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      Thank you Nitorami for letting me know about that but I have read in the Preset Authorings section guide and to me, it's very vague as to how to enter and place the code inside of the body of any preset to make it work correctly. I had seen in the past you were trying to explain to a form member xmuzack back in February 2018 how you managed to place multiple textures inside of a preset or thought that it could be done. There are only a few examples here on this site that I know about and I have tried. xmuzack+martin+ various - stormy midnight drive preset, xmuzack+martin +various - EQ Dancer preset and Amandio C's Muybridge Horse preset. While the examples are good ones I find that I can't load more than five images at a time because it has a limited amount that you can load. Also, I have tried other presets and tried to use the code from the examples from the mentioned above presets and can't get them to work loading and calling for the images. I am very new to the world of Milkdrop and trying to learn how to code in it. Please is there any presets code examples that you can recommend to me so I can look at the code to see where I can plug in the code into the body of the preset to call for multiple textures in just one preset? I am trying a study on how to see how presets interact with images and textures.

      Thank you


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        Hi Buzz
        you already found the examples.

        Yes, the number of images that can be loaded at one time is limited but I do not know to which value. I never bothered a lot about images. The number may be changeable via the config settings.

        Other than that, displaying an image is very simple:
        At the head of the comp shader section, tell milkdrop to load image "myimage":

        sampler sampler_myimage;

        Then in the shader body simply say
        ret = tex2D(sampler_myimage,uv);

        That is all. By manipulating uv you can affect the size, stretch, rotate, aspect correction etc. That is reasonably explained in the tutorial.

        O yes, and the images must be either in the presets folder or under ..\textures.


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          Thank you Nitorami for replying back to me. I will try your suggestions and see if I can make this work. If you would like I would like to keep you posted with my progress if you are interested. Milkdrop is an artist dream come true. I really enjoy this new found jewel and I would like to take Milkdrop to the limits. It sure has my head wrapped around just how much I can do with this program. The imagination is unlimited in creativity with this tool.