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  • MilkDrop 2 Visualization

    Hi guys, i just wondering if there is any option to lock one of those effects in this plugin. There is many effects that i dont like, and it keep changing effects like every 10 or 20 sec.
    There is option for transition but i can not figure out how to lock one of those visual effects what i like .

    Thank you

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    press 'L' to navigate between presets
    press 'Scroll Lock' to lock a specific preset


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      Effects are mainly generated by warp and comp shader.

      Press D to lock them individually; milkdrop will show you the lock status in the top right corner for a few seconds.

      This may provide satisfactory results with simple presets, but not when the shader sections are controlled from other parts of the preset. E.g. if you lock a comp shader you like, but this shader is controlled from the per frame section, and you load another preset with a different per frame section, you will probably get garbage. But just try it out.