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I would need help to identify one Milkdrop preset

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  • I would need help to identify one Milkdrop preset


    I am now working on a music video and would like to properly give credits inside the video.
    I have used one Milkdrop preset but unfortunately forget to write down or note the name of the preset maker, and the name of the preset itself.
    Tried to re-find it browsing the visuals during minutes but you know what it is, when it's lost....Can't remember the name.
    I just stopped my work on it and thought coming back here would be my best alternative.
    Can someone give a look and help me to find the author or at least identify the preset, may be the bank too? Thank you very much for your help and up to the community here.

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    Looks like one of my Visionary or True Visionary presets... possibly a remix of them as it seems a bit.. oof but might be the framerate.
    What do you wish for?


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      Dear Zylot, thanks a lot for your input!

      I had to load the 52 k series to be sure to find your "True Visionnary" preset, also browsing other presets to check if I can find the missing credit in your bank too.
      Found that "True Visionnary", even if it's not exactly the preset I was looking for, is with no doubts, recognizable as your own code inside. You know your stuff man, great!
      I am not sure it will be possible to find the remixer easily, as it could be recorded under any fantasy name, I really don't remember more about it.
      Now, I guess I have 2 options :

      1 I wait till I get an other input, with more precisions about the remixer, and that would be ok but could take time ( I can wait of course, but the sooner...

      2 I credit like this in the video : " Visuals created using Mildrop, Original preset, code and big up : Zylot - True Visionnary".

      May be I could add "Unknown-remixer" if I don't get it finally... that would be not absolutely necessary, unless this leads to hurt someone who thinks he s been miscrdited, but....

      If I chose option 2, do you think it would be fair enough to you, Zylot?

      Of course you can count on me to send you the link to the video once done.

      What do you think?


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        2. is fine, though I also made just "Visionary" as a series, true visionary used the same custom wave but different shaders/movements/etc... so check those too before you give up hope.

        Ifd you can't find it I accept some big ups.
        What do you wish for?


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          Hi Zylot,
          You re right. It seems that "True Visionnary" seems to have slightly different shaders or movements.
          I came to the conclusion that the best alternative is to credit as :
          "Visuals using Milkdrop Visualizer. Original preset, coded by and big up : Zylot - "Visionnary Series" (remix)" to be as accurate as possible, stating I have no more precisions about the preset.

          Hope that's ok like this. If no just tell me more and i'll correct as necessary.

          So, I don't know if you like techno music, but, here's the link to your big up :

          Music : extract from the album "Subliminal Signals". Written, arranged and produced by Benoit Berry. C&P Archimeme records.Download...

          If you like the music inside the video, it will be my pleasure to offer you a free download. The title is "Eye Cage", by Pulse Radar.
          You can also get it on thie following page, which is my on line store for my music (certainly no commercial use of the video will be made, no need to tell it!) :

          Also,there is my Youtube home-page, where the video is uploaded inside the "Pulse Radar" sub-section (playlist):
          Benoit Berry is a French musician who started to create music during mid 90's. As one of the early electronic musicians who sparked the rise of House/Techno in his country, he is the producer of numerous innovative electronic music releases, and is sharing today his own artistic insight. This one extends over two decades of French touch sonic waves, in a complete but still evolutive set of albums and Eps. Archimeme records is the label created to host his musical projects : Black Venus, Pulse Radar and Ultreya. This channel will show up the videos relating to his discography. Please feel free to visit his host : This page is the place where you will be able to listen, download or stream his music. You might also want to check Benoit's first prods on 12" Vinyl back in 1998 : Link below : Juice Squeezer E.P. Please consider downloading as the only reasonnable way to get unlossy high quality sound files (Wav, Flac..). Thank you. .

          Same thing, if you would like to use the video by yourself, for your own demo purposes, as an example... Just tell me and I'll give you a link to the video file. Last but not least : Thank you.



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            I do love me some techno, thanks for the link. I think everything is in order here.
            What do you wish for?