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Goody + martin - crystal palace remix of a remix

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  • Goody + martin - crystal palace remix of a remix

    hey guys quick question about a bug who keep happening to me playing with presets:

    milkdrop doesn't save properly what the preset look like on my screen :

    when you open preset1, its a blank white screen (the photo is what I was seeing before saving the preset1), if you change the comp shader it will work.

    whats interesting is when you open first preset2 then preset1, then it works. any ideas why? thanks

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    I don't know what happens exactly and why but it appears you left uv6 undefined in the warp shader but then use it in the next line:

    warp_35=`mus = abs(0.012/(sqrt(uv6.x)+0.0009))*(rad+0.19);

    Uninitialised variables can produce all sorts of unexpected effects.

    EDIT: I get the exactly same white screen in my original crystal palace preset if I delete the line where uv6 is defined.


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      ok thanks so much Nitorami