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New Presets for Winamp 5.9

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  • New Presets for Winamp 5.9

    Winamp 5.9 RC1 is now out.
    I'm very sorry it took so long.

    We've refactored and recompiled the entire Winamp project under VS2019.
    The migration caused a few issues with the currently distributed Milkdrop version
    but we hope to have it all fixed for the next release, e.g. Winamp 5.9 RC2 or Final.

    I think now would be a good time to update the shipped presets.

    Should we remove any of the current ones?
    Are there any awesome new presets we should add?

    How should we proceed?

    Let's discuss and co-ordinate here :-)

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    If anyone wants their new presets to be considered for inclusion with Winamp 5.9, please zip them up and attach them here for review.

    If anyone who's already got presets included in the package wants any to be removed/replaced, then please let us know here.

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      Alright then, here's what I made over the past years. Should all be new in relation to the last shipping of presets which was ages ago.

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        Here are 10. I have hundreds if you want


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          New preset consideration for Winamp 5.9

          My submission
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            Thanks for the submissions so far.

            Martin: Your presets look awesome... in Winamp 5.8,
            but alas, they produce errors (in per-frame code etc.)
            and aren't rendering too well in v5.9 :-(

            We're trying to fix the problem, but if it's not done in time for the next public release (coming soon)
            then we might need to wait until the public release after next (e.g. 5.9.0 final or 5.9.1 RC)
            before adding the new presets.

            We're reaching out to anyone who can offer any insight into the problem.
            It seems to be related to the DirectX SDK (old pre-compiled libs which we can't use with VS2019 vs new libs)...

            All being well, we'll get there in the end.

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              Alright. A lot seems to be going wrong here, hardly any preset displays as it should. With some luck, you get to see something, but it is probably only a relict of those sections which happen to work. E.g. in case of an error in the wave code, milkdrop just shows the "default" random wave, so you see something which appears to work but in fact doesn't.

              Problem is you don't even know because error messages are not displayed, nowhere, neither in the per frame nor shader sections, regardless what random text is entered.

              Ups, I just noted that on "play folder" winamp crashes after having played the first song. I have a lot of different formats stored there, mp3, mod, s3m, xm, midi - aha, Nullsoft waveout hangs, setting output to DirectSound solves it.
              That version is seriously immature. Are you sure you want to go public with it ?


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                We've fixed most of the main issues internally now... except for Milkdrop :-(

                Note that we forced the "suppress all errors/warnings" setting on, by default.

                There's also a debug vis_milk build available which shows more specific error details (i.e. the line of code which couldn't be rendered)...

                Good catch with the out_wave crash.
                Don't think I've used it for 15+ years.
                Seems to be only when trying to play module formats.
                I've added it to the list...

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                  Note that we forced the "suppress all errors/warnings" setting on, by default.
                  Aha. Never took notice of THAT option.

                  There's also a debug vis_milk build available which shows more specific error details (i.e. the line of code which couldn't be rendered).
                  WHAT ? I've spent hours to find faults because no line number is displayed. Always thought this was just a flaw of the compiler

                  Most of the per frame errors are related to the int() function which is no longer accepted. An issue with overloading ?

                  EDIT - I think we can safely replace "Most" by "All", at least outside the shader sections. Int() is an often needed function and cannot be dispensed, but in "enlighten me" I merely use it in two "monitor" lines at the bottom of the per frame section. Delete these lines and it works.
                  But anyway, this issue should be easy to fix I would think.

                  EDIT 2: Trying out with a few presets, I could remove warnings and problems simply by removing int() from the code. Many presets run fine without it, but not all. In certain cases the compiler implicitly typecasts as necessary e.g. in code like x = megabuf (somefloat), and an extra int() is unnecessary. But in other cases we need an explicit typecast e.g. for comparisons such as "if (x=y,....)".
                  So... just give us the int() function back. And while you're at it anyway, please add support for user defined functions. Would be greatly appreciated


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                    Thanks for the information Martin.
                    I'm hoping that's exactly what our assigned dev was looking for.

                    Btw, the debug build is something new / very recent.
                    Mine seems to have been overwritten, so I'll see if I can get a backup version from another team member
                    (I could switch to that branch, and build it myself, but I can't at the moment - I won't even begin to try explain).

                    Could you possibly reupload some of the new presets with your fixes (i.e. where you removed int() from the code) so we can compare & use them as templates to try fix other presets - and which will hopefully also help us to fix the overall problem with int()?

                    Thanks again!

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                      These two work ok after having removed (unnecessary) calls to int(). I stopped after that. For some others, int is necessary and cannot be removed.

                      But I found another function which no longer works: floor(). Not sure about its exact behaviour in milkdrop, it may just be an alias for int(), but in any case both do a conversion from float to integer.
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                        Hey guys, dropping by to thank you for the great work you guys do for this plugin. Interestingly, my last name is milk. I'm using the visuals for my youtube videos. who likes techno house psytrance glue there.