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  • Presets That Use Images - NEW COLLECTION

    Whilst playing around with MilkDrop a couple of year's ago I became interested in the use of images by the program. They can be used as sprites - 2D images which are overlaid over or perhaps into any preset - or specially coded directly into the presets themselves. I have been working on both and have just completed work on a collection of my favourite presets that manipulate such images in the code.

    After scouring through the many thousands of presets available online I ended up with around seventy unique examples. Over a period of time I worked on them bit-by-bit, swapping images and tweaking the code to suit them better. As I have almost zero ability to create any new presets myself, I have concentrated instead on curating a colourful collection of high-quality images and matching them carefully with existing sampler presets in as many interesting ways as I could think of. Please note some of the presets are virtually unchanged whilst others have been modified much more significantly. Screenshots of results from five of the presets are attached here.

    I have just created a new YouTube Channel 'NeonAngel (MILKDROP)' dedicated to the use of 2D images and more in MilkDrop. The following three videos demonstrate image-based presets:

    You can download a ZIP file of containing a selection of the presets with matching images by clicking the download links in the description of each of these videos on YouTube - a complete package containing all 90+ presets and many more images will follow shortly.
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    This is great! using images in MilkDrop is way too underrated!


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      This looks so good



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        Whoa! These are incredible! Your RANDOM-HEADS (NeonAngel) preset is Spectacular! Love all the others too.

        I agree with both you and serge000 about using images in Milkdrop and I feel it's a great help for those like me who can't code to save a life, lol.

        Thanks for sharing these with us.


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          Thank you so much for the feedback xmuzack. This is just the start. I have a lot of ideas for more videos, especially for the sprites.

          I'm currently trying to get the best possible visual quality at 2K on YouTube but it's turning out to be quite tricky. The problem occurs where there are some particularly complex changes on screen, such as with the water/glass effects, or during preset transitions, such that a very high recording bitrate of up to 60mbs is needed on my computer for near perfect results. At less than 40mbs the results just get worse and worse with more and more glitches and stuttering. Of course the higher the bitrate, the more problems users will have watching on YouTube due to buffering, so it's hard to know at what point to set it - I think around 50mbs would be best compromise for the most intensive presets, with quality taking precedence.


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            absolutely amazing screenshots :

            average of 700.000 to 800.000 unique colours


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              Hey guys quick question : how many different images can MilkDrop display simultaneously? 2? 3? more?

              also check this screenshot I just took it's epic :

              Click image for larger version

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                Well I kind of managed to use 3 different hi-res images in one preset

                check this video it's pretty amazing :

                you can download all the presets here :