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Preset ratings not changing

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  • Preset ratings not changing

    Apologies if I am overlooking something obvious, as I have just dipped my toe into Milkdrop2. I'm started here: and it all installed nicely in Win10 as of November 2022. I love it.

    However, when I demote a preset to zero, the fRating line in the .milk file is not overwritten as I expected; it is left unchanged, so the preset does not disappear. I added admin permissions to Foobar but that did not help. So...two questions really.

    Is the fRating value supposed to be rewritten, in the .milk configuration file, when a preset is demoted with the minus key? I had assumed so, but maybe the minus key only ever works within sessions...

    Is there another, more efficient way to review presets and get rid of the ones I do not want? I would love to be to preview five seconds of each and render a judgment.

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    Try manually launching foobar2000 as an admin (right-clicking the executable, "run as administrator" and clicking 'yes' on UAC)


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      I was pessimistic because running as admin had not helped before. BUT... I had installed Foobar into the Program Files x86 directory. I uninstalled it and re-installed the recommended version (1.6.13) to the Program Files directory which is also where the simulated Winamp installation was installed (and where Foobar wants to find it, by default).

      Under these conditions, installing everything to Program Files despite suggestions to use Program Files x86, your tip to start Foobar with admin privileges did the trick. I downrated a preset and the fRating value of the preset was changed to reflect it. Great! So thanks for accurate advice.

      Elsewhere on these forums somebody said this was a recurring problem and the Presets dir should be relocated to Documents or some other writable directory and Foobar directed to find it there by pressing L once milkdrop is runnning and navigate to the new location. I guess I won't have to try that fix but it's good to know there is another possibility. That is thread 454523 if you want to look it up.

      I also discovered the existence of NestDrop. It uses .milk files and has a preset viewer built in which would be very convenient. As soon as I figure out how to install Spout I will be evaluating that.


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        A second quick follow up: the other technique (putting everything into Documents or some other write-enabled directory) did not seem to work for my setup. Plus, navigating to that folder was laborious. So this is the better solution for now.


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          Yes fRating value supposed to be rewritten, in the .milk configuration file, when a preset is demoted with the minus key: SetCurrentPresetRating(m_pState->m_fRating - 1.0f);


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            I believe the author of NestDrop is on here and he shared his Cream of the Crop preset pack a little while ago.

            There's also a stand-alone implementation of Milkdrop2 called BeatDrop. It's not a thirdparty emulator like projectM but an implementation of the official Milkdrop2 source code. I haven't used it myself since winamp+shpeck works fine for me.


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              yep, try


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                Beatdrop is great.

                Beatdrop is great. Thanks! I gather it responds to all the same commands as Milkdrop. The few that I've memorized worked the same way. If not, set me straight.