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    My offer still stands, if anybody wants any specific mods, specific kinds of beat detection, help writing their own presets, "how do I make that bubble effect?" Anything like that...I've got time on my hands.

    Also, no life, no job, and no friends. Love me. Please?


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    I am sure you have a friend or two, as you said you were at your friends house and as for a life you have one it just might not be to involved or social at this time, and you can always tried to get a job, and I am sure that eventually you will land one. Don't worry I do not know you well but you seem cool to me and I will be your friend, but you are probably miles and miles away. As for a request, which might be quite difficult for you to fulfill, but if you could write me a detail help file explaining how to make presets, from beginer to advanced and most importantly explaining the math involved with much more detail and explanations then Ryan's help, sort of like a high school math book or college math book would. I could learn much faster and become a pro like you, but has for now I am pretty much at a dead end for advanceing my preset capabilities, and don't worry I am sure we all love you at least I do. If you know how to sing that would be a added plus, because I need a singer to sing the songs I write at this time my other one is gone. Yours truly, SM


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      Hrm, I was in san fran 2 years or so ago, working my glorious big-money dotcom job, which I quit to play everquest full time (as a bard, of course), causing my fiance to leave me and marry a man who'd work for a living so SHE could play everquest full time. Aint life a bitch?

      At any rate, I doubt I'll be on the west coast any time soon, but if I find myself in sunny Cal again, I'll be sure to let you hear me sing.

      (My, but this thread has gotten strange)


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        I was never into computer games to much, but I am addicted to MD, don't know what I would do without it. My girlfriend left me about six month's ago, she said that she felt that I did not truly love her, she was probably right. Have had a couple of one night stands since then but nothing that work out. Will this is suppose to be a place to post presets, not a life story about one another. What is wrong with me? Anyway, I have a job that I do out of my house and anyone that would like to do it and has the right ability's can do it. It only pays 13$ per hour but it is a job and pays my bills. Well, I guess it is almost time for bed so talk with you later. By the way it is probably much later in time where you are, are you a 2 or 3 hour time difference? SM


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          By the way, I was thinking if I were Krash or Rovastar or someone like that they will probably be cracking up in bewilderment or something like that when they read these post, and you know they will read it. SM


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            Oh well, I figure what's one more person in the world that knows what a wack-job I am matter?


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              Don't worry, they are only post in the preset forum, it is not against the law, and it will not hurt anyone. No harm done. SM


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                /me cracks up in bewilderment.

                - Krash
                Eighty-three percent of all statistical quotes are made up on the spot.


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                  A few things...

                  I would heartily second SM's idea for more detailed help on all the presets... a lot of the variables at the top I don't know what they mean, although some are explained in the preset authoring file. Also, any "good" mathematical equations, and general hints would be cool, if you've got plenty of time on your hands unchained. A setout like a Maths book would be cool too....

                  I'm sure you've got a life.. but a life that revolves around MilkDrop.. if I wasn't doing Comp Sci at uni, I'd be tempted to join you While this is kinda off topic, anyone got any good links / books for learning some decent Java stuff?

                  BTW, Zylot, if you're reading this, are you planning to do any more presets? I haven't seen any new ones from you for ages....


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                    cool a hidden


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                      Last weekend when using v1.0 my power supply blow up (hopefully not another bug with 1.0) and I am still awaiting a new one and finally look at these forums after a week and quoting Krash '/me cracks up in bewilderment'. I should not go away for so long as I do not know what will happened to you lot next.

                      Am still laughing

                      "Rules are for the guidance of wisemen and the obedience of fools"

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